Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The super secret meeting

Well this week was pretty slow up until the weekend. We were able to go and see Maycol (aka Michael. I just didn't realize that's how you spelled his name) and speaking of him, for those who didn't hear, he got baptized last Sunday! And because some drama has to happen with baptisms, we had quite a story. We started filling the baptismal font, came back about 45 minutes later to check it and it was flooded....and to make things even better the only way to pull the plug was to get in and pull it yourself. Doesn't sound too terrible. But then you realize that there was more cold water than warm and you have to get in about chest deep. I mean it could have been worse but I went in, pulled it quick and we had a little mess to clean up. It was all good though. Now we just have to keep getting members to bring him to church because yesterday was stake conference so this Sunday he's going to get confirmed. I'll get to what happened yesterday in a second though.
As for the rest of the week, it was just finding and teaching. Trying to figure out who is most likely the next closest candidate for baptism. As of right now it's Dory because her intentions are definitely the most pure but unfortunately she just hasn't been to church. So we are motivating her the best we can right now. We also talked to someone who, according to the definition, had a lot of psychopath qualities. That sounds worse than it really was but it was pretty interesting. The other thing that was kinda funny and sad at the same time was that on Saturday I lost my glasses...I stuck my head out the car window as we passed another mission car and next thing I knew there went my glasses. Then yesterday was a pretty cool experience. I mean no big deal but Jeffery R. Holland came to the mission to talk to us. Yeah it was kind of a big deal haha. We got to shake his hand and introduce ourselves and he talked to us about the Book of Mormon, the restoration and of course about working hard and not going less active after these two years. It was a super cool spiritual boost that is definitely going to help me for the remainder of my mission! That pretty much does it though! Take care!!

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