Sunday, March 27, 2016

1 year in New York

The week was pretty good! We had almost nothing set up and still had 16 lessons so the Lord definitely
helped us out because usually when we go look up the people who we did, they usually just aren't home but we found almost all of them! It was great! Still not too much progress with anybody we are teaching. But one of the kids who wants to be baptized who I was telling you about on Monday was able to come to church! So that was really good. We also talked to the boyfriend of a member and he said that he really enjoys church but has to work Sunday's so he can't come much. But he's trying to change his schedule or even his job if it comes to that!!
That was super cool to hear. As for crazy stuff, my stomach got destroyed and I had some super spicy poops because of this habanero sauce that I may or may not eat with everything haha. 

What a nice summer night! Wait it's March?..

Now this is a story all about how my life got twist turned upside
down. Now if like to take a minute just sit right there and I'll tell
you all about how I became the prince of a town called Brownsville.

So there's this wonderful place called Brownsville in our area and
elder Franco and I had nothing to do so we spent the whole day and
night just walking the streets looking people up and contacting. It
was fun. We had a 40 something year old lady ask us to marry her and
just like many other people someone challenged us on our doctrine but
I was just like yeah we don't have time bye. That happens way too
much. But one good thing that came from it was that we met this
Dominican guy who has been waiting for the missionaries to come by for
a long time now because he's blind and his son was taking him to
church but now he's getting in trouble and won't go to church. So he
was really happy to see us. We didn't get to talk to the son though.
It was also almost 80 degrees here and it felt oh so good. Picture
proof is coming.

We also looked at we had planned for Saturday half way through the
week and realized we had nothing...I was kind of scared that it was
just going to be a day of contacting but we actually had a lot of luck
with the look ups we did so it turned out being a pretty good day! We
also saw a Lamborghini driving through town and a guy with a small
patch of hair on his kind of looked like someone missed a
small patch of crab grass. Oh the hipsters in Brooklyn.

One big thing we are going to be focusing on now is the new Easter
video that was just released by the church called hallelujah. It talks
about the atonement of Christ and all that he did for us and what it
means. We've already shared it a couple times and it really brings the
spirit and it really helps you understand all that Christ did for us.
No one will ever truly know extent of his suffering that night in the
garden of Gethsemane but we do know the effects of it. We can live
with our families and friends forever. I know that and is because of
that knowledge that I have so much hope. I may not be the most
positive and happy go lucky guy around but one thing that does keep me
going is that this life isn't the end. We can't even imagine how much
is ahead of us.

Finally, thank you to everyone who sent me an email last week. I
needed them and I appreciated each and every one of them. It still
ain't easy but I'm getting through it. I love you all, I love this
gospel and even though it is really hard I love being a missionary.
Have a good one!

I also took some good pictures so enjoy!

1) We were on a search for the best roof top view of Manhattan
2) Williamsburg bridge last week
3) There's this famous bagel place that makes colored bagels that
taste really good and we wanted one. Then we found out it was an hour
and a half can see elder Franco in the red sweater at the
back of the line.
4) proof
5) Missionary pictures are awkward pictures
6) Chillin with a burrito in one hand and a Jarrito's in the other 😏
7/8) We found the best view

Monday, March 7, 2016


So I'm sure you saw this subject and thought, "What the heck does he
mean by rockish? Man I hope he isn't going to go off on music." But it
actually has nothing to do with music at fact it has to do
with my best friend. Just imagine two kids going around doing who
knows what and as you see them and realize they're 16 and doing this
stuff still you just think, "Man, will they ever grow up?" Well that
was me and my friend Chase. The memories go as far back as to playing
T-ball and giving him the nickname of chestnut all the way to a couple
days before I left for the MTC. I honestly can't think of anyone else
I know who is as strong mentally and physically as him. Yesterday as
church ended I got a text from President Reynold's asking us to call
him...and assuming (as always) that I was in trouble for something I
prepared myself for a rebuking. But nothing could have prepared me
enough to hear him say that my friend had passed away from cancer that
he has been battling since we were around 12 or 13 years old.

It was so incredibly hard to hear but my thoughts went immediately to
his family and wanting to be there for them was the hardest part. Then
all the many memories of playing baseball and video games and using
our imaginations when those summer days got long inside this really
big box called DA BOX pretending to be spongebob and Patrick from that
one episode of spongebob all came back. But the one memory that
actually brought peace to my mind was I remember visiting him in the
hospital and seeing him after some treatments. He didn't look happy at
all and I can only imagine what it was like...but then the thought
that came after that was how he's not going through that anymore. And
now he can be completely pain free. Then as if he wanted to mess with
me one last time another thought came to my mind that both made me
laugh and tear up a little. You see, one time he had this rock that he
named rockish (get it now?) and I tried explaining that it's just a
silly rock and that if he were to lose it he'd just end up forgetting
about it. And well, to prove that he'd forget I took it and threw it.
Well, he never forgot...the last time we saw each other as well as
some other times through email, he reminded me that he still
remembers. And he got that into my head one last time.

Losing those you love is never easy. But thanks to the atonement of
Christ and his love and grace, we will be with those who we love
again. Honestly, I would have thought that getting a call like this
while on my mission would be one of the hardest things. And even
though it was super hard, it was bearable because of how strongly I
can feel my heavenly father's love and how I know he's just looking
down on me now. I'm gonna miss him more than anything. But I know
without a single bit of doubt, I will get to see him again. I know
that he is better now. But more than anything I know Christ suffered
for us so that we could have this peace that comes with events like
this and I know that as we put our faith in him, he will be there for
us, comfort us and walk right next to us as long as we need him there.
And of that I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

This picture can pretty much sum up how chase and I were and how we still are.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Well here I am again! I have one thought that I'd like to share real
quick....CURRY FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!! I also saw someone wearing some
curry twos last night and I just looked at him, asked if those were
curry's and when he said yes all I said was good choice and then
walked away. Good times. Okay, serious time!

So this week was a little slower because we are still trying to get in
contact with people but we had plenty of time to go out and talk to
people and plant some seeds. We were good there. And we got a couple
people who would like to talk again so that was good. We also got back
to this family that we contacted one of the first days in Bushwick and
that was really good. They said that they want to find a good place
for their daughter to grow up learning right principles and live in a
righteous way so elder Franco and I bore testimony that this is the
place for them. It was a solid lesson. And now we got a return
appointment for next Sunday! But other than that we are just trying to
get back in with the less actives and find new and old investigators.
So stay tuned!

One thing I was thinking about this past week was how God will ask us
many times to do harder things for him. But I was on exchanges this
past week too with one of the zone leaders who I was pretty good
friends with before this transfer (I also got to play proselyting
basketball for the first time!) and he told me how nothing in life is
hard. Just certain things challenge us harder than others. When I
heard that I was just like sooo yeah those things are harder and he
said yes but if you always think of it as a challenge, you know that
it's possible to achieve. Everything is a mind set. And just like 1
Nephi 3:7 says, if the Lord commands it, he will always provide a way.
We just have to accept it and follow it no matter how hard it may be
but it is always possible. So yeah those are my deep thoughts for the
day! Hope everyone is doing well and that you all have an awesome

1) what I live for as a missionary
2) I'm funny
3) Are hover boards really that big of a problem?


Dang where do I even start with this week? Well first, the myldsmail
server has been pure crap right now so if anyone feels that they
haven't gotten an email from me lately, let me know and I'll resend
it. Or you were just relieved that you didn't have to add this to spam
so in that case, you're welcome! Oh and the reason none of you got
anything yesterday is because I'm going to the temple today! Which
means my pday is now today. Okay moving on...

So as some of you may have heard I'm still in Brooklyn but more to the
east. I cover Bushwick, Williamsburg, east New York and Brownsville
which from what I've heard are pretty ghetto. So fun stories here we
come! Oh also here's a fun fact. Jay Z grew up in the project houses
that are only about a 10 minute train ride from the church so that's
pretty cool. And I also cover Bed Stuy which is where Chris Rock was
raised...if that part of Everybody Hates Chris is real that is.
Anyways, my companion and I were blinded in meaning neither of us have
served here before and I'm still district leader and still have no
idea what I'm doing sooo not too much has changed! It's great! My
companion's name is elder Franco and he's straight out of training so
that's cool. He's also a lot more serious than I am but then again so
is 90% of every one else in the world xD

This past week we just did a lot of look ups and calls trying to get
to know the area as well as the people and so far it's going well.
This is the first branch I've ever been in so its kind of different
but they're really supportive of missionary work and even the youth
are getting involved in reactivation so that's really good. I'm really
excited to see what we can get done here.

This past week we didn't have too many fun/crazy experiences but I'm
sure that's subject to change the more we go out and find the crazies.
That's pretty much all I have for you today but here's a bunch of
pictures from my new area. Temple pictures will come later today
though I promise!

1) The last time I got to see these two. I know they don't look happy
but I promise you on the inside they're smiling
2) Angel got me a G-shock!
3) We saw another church of Jesus Christ and I thought it'd make for a
good picture
4) Yup. There's an avenue of Puerto Rico and its Hispanic paradise
5) Me trying to be a district leader
6) A look up we did had a door that was locked from the outside...I
knocked still just to be sure.
7) I saw this and thought hey look! My aunt Cindy just moved here from
Nevada! Love you Cindy :)
8) This lady was doing some stretching for a good 3 minutes that
reminded me of something from kindergarten

Temple Pictures

So long midHOOD!

The server didn't work at all February 15, 2016 so the Group Email went out on Tuesday.

Well it's taken a little while but I'm back! And man do I have some
news. Where to start, where to start...Angel!!

So his baptism (despite starting 40 minutes late) was an awesome
experience and he was so thankful to have had the opportunity to
become a member! He shared his testimony and it was so powerful to
hear. Then yesterday we gave him the Aaronic priesthood yesterday AND
he got his temple recommend!! So what does that mean? Temple trip!!
But then I got the news today that I'm leaving tomorrow...but he'll
still be able to go and do baptisms very soon and that's what I'm
really excited for. This morning we were talking and it was so awesome
to hear how grateful he is for the gospel and for all that we did for
him again. Missions are awesome!

So yeah I'm leaving Midwood tomorrow. And man is that crazy to think.
I've been here now for summer, fall and winter and this will
definitely be the area of my mission I look back on thinking about how
much I grew. My ability to speak Spanish grew as I trained, as did my
patience and so many other attributes I've needed and will need and
now it's on to bigger and better things. So we will see what lies in
store for me now!

There's no other real big news than that but man has it been getting
cold! I'll add a picture of what the temperature was like made contacting a little harder but the lord always
provides a way! And one thing we've been hearing about is that as we
really put in a lot of effort, people will just come falling out of
the sky! Which sounds crazy but man have we seen it! People are being
more open to the message of the gospel and that's all we want to share
with others!

So that's pretty much all that I got for you all today! I am adding
more pictures and videos than usual this week though so hopefully
that'll be more entertaining that reading all of this! Until next

#1-3: Angel's baptism!
#4 comp pic
#5 zone pic #buffalocardigans
#6 About as crazy as I can get in the kitchen...with takis of course 😊
#7 There should be more of these signs in New York
#8 Picture speaks for itself

February 8, 2016

Tyler didn't feel like sending a Mass Email. He said he was feeling lazy but wanted everyone to know he was doing well!


So I guess the only thing I could really talk about is Angel's
baptism! So it is officially set up for Thursday the 4th and it's
weird to hear that because a year ago from that day was when I took
the big step and left my family for the next two years and entered
that wonderful place known as the MTC. Craziness. And he asked me now
to baptize him. Yeah definitely didn't think that was gonna happen.
But here we go!

Now I'd just like to talk about the reality of priesthood blessings.
Both receiving and giving them comes from God. Yeah when we give them
we have a basic idea of what that person needs but it all is so
inspired. This past week we gave one to a little girl and then one to
a less active member and the spirit you feel when someone is giving a
blessing is unreal. But it is real. It's unreal in a very real way.
Sorry obviously I can't explain it but that's the best I can do
hahaha. But what I'm getting at is when you need help and you know the
only source is our Heavenly Father, never be afraid of asking for a
priesthood blessing because no one will ever say no. They're so
important and they help so much. Even if you don't need something
specific but you feel you should get one, still ask. They're real
everyone! Well that's all I got for today. Love and miss you all!

🇲🇽 Elder Rossi 🇲🇽

I'm alive!

Man so much has happened in the past week or so and I don't know how
to fit it all on here so I'm just doing highlights again today!
1. Joaquin finally was able to have a temple interview with the bishop
but unfortunately there's a couple more things he does have to do to
prepare. He says he wants to do it all on his own so I just told him
alright but we're still gonna be here to help and support you.
2. Angel is still preparing for baptism but because of the crazy storm
we had, church was cancelled and he wasn't able to talk with the
bishop so we have to push it to next Thursday. Which I think is better
because by then the snow should be almost done with...unless of course
we have another storm. Which leads me to my next point
3. The storm was crazy!! I've literally never seen anything so crazy.
And of course I had a ton of fun in it. It's so much fun to jump into
the powder piles. I jumped off the bus into a huge mound and landed
straight on my face, I did flips, squirrel dives and I just looked
crazy. But if you're gonna shovel snow all day, might as well have fun
with it! Oh I also jumped into a mound with just a sweatshirt and
shorts...that was cold. The video will be included
4. So to rewind a little before the storm, we got a call from the
mission president saying that he has talked with the city and they
have asked us to help the city with shoveling after the storm. At
first I was pretty I'm tired, sore but still just as
excited to help people. I got a little too excited with the shoveling
at one point though because I kinda sort of broke my shovel. But I'll
be including pictures of why we had to go so hard. There's also a
pretty sweet time lapse we took of us shoveling a car out last night.
(Which by the way we did in 5 minutes!) People were just super happy
and really appreciative so it was cool. That was also the reason why
my p-day is now today because we had to keep helping people yesterday.
5. This week we decided to start visiting people twice a week and keep
hitting them with short and powerful lessons and surprisingly with
each person we set something up with, it happened! So even though we
had a shorter week without the weekend to really do any proselyting,
we still got a good amount of lessons in and helped a lot of people at
the same time!

So that pretty much does it this week! It was pretty crazy but still
really good. We are getting the church's name out like crazy with all
the service we're doing and by the end of the shoveling, our arms are
gonna be huge! Hope everyone is doing well and you all had an awesome
week as well!

🇲🇽 Elder Rossi 🇲🇽

1) Friday night when the now started
2) Saturday night when it finished
3/4) The snow team
5) A street that was untouched by the snow plow. We had to shovel out
a path for a giant ford van to get out. The path was about 20 feet
6) We had to dig out the front door because the owner was afraid his
battery was going to die
7) So glad we didn't have to do anything on that street
8) The district
9) What is cold?


1) Just me being me
2) My commentary of the untouched street
3) We go hard in the paint
4) The finished product of the car