Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I'm alive!

Man so much has happened in the past week or so and I don't know how
to fit it all on here so I'm just doing highlights again today!
1. Joaquin finally was able to have a temple interview with the bishop
but unfortunately there's a couple more things he does have to do to
prepare. He says he wants to do it all on his own so I just told him
alright but we're still gonna be here to help and support you.
2. Angel is still preparing for baptism but because of the crazy storm
we had, church was cancelled and he wasn't able to talk with the
bishop so we have to push it to next Thursday. Which I think is better
because by then the snow should be almost done with...unless of course
we have another storm. Which leads me to my next point
3. The storm was crazy!! I've literally never seen anything so crazy.
And of course I had a ton of fun in it. It's so much fun to jump into
the powder piles. I jumped off the bus into a huge mound and landed
straight on my face, I did flips, squirrel dives and I just looked
crazy. But if you're gonna shovel snow all day, might as well have fun
with it! Oh I also jumped into a mound with just a sweatshirt and
shorts...that was cold. The video will be included
4. So to rewind a little before the storm, we got a call from the
mission president saying that he has talked with the city and they
have asked us to help the city with shoveling after the storm. At
first I was pretty excited....now I'm tired, sore but still just as
excited to help people. I got a little too excited with the shoveling
at one point though because I kinda sort of broke my shovel. But I'll
be including pictures of why we had to go so hard. There's also a
pretty sweet time lapse we took of us shoveling a car out last night.
(Which by the way we did in 5 minutes!) People were just super happy
and really appreciative so it was cool. That was also the reason why
my p-day is now today because we had to keep helping people yesterday.
5. This week we decided to start visiting people twice a week and keep
hitting them with short and powerful lessons and surprisingly with
each person we set something up with, it happened! So even though we
had a shorter week without the weekend to really do any proselyting,
we still got a good amount of lessons in and helped a lot of people at
the same time!

So that pretty much does it this week! It was pretty crazy but still
really good. We are getting the church's name out like crazy with all
the service we're doing and by the end of the shoveling, our arms are
gonna be huge! Hope everyone is doing well and you all had an awesome
week as well!

🇲🇽 Elder Rossi 🇲🇽

1) Friday night when the now started
2) Saturday night when it finished
3/4) The snow team
5) A street that was untouched by the snow plow. We had to shovel out
a path for a giant ford van to get out. The path was about 20 feet
6) We had to dig out the front door because the owner was afraid his
battery was going to die
7) So glad we didn't have to do anything on that street
8) The district
9) What is cold?


1) Just me being me
2) My commentary of the untouched street
3) We go hard in the paint
4) The finished product of the car

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