Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Dang where do I even start with this week? Well first, the myldsmail
server has been pure crap right now so if anyone feels that they
haven't gotten an email from me lately, let me know and I'll resend
it. Or you were just relieved that you didn't have to add this to spam
so in that case, you're welcome! Oh and the reason none of you got
anything yesterday is because I'm going to the temple today! Which
means my pday is now today. Okay moving on...

So as some of you may have heard I'm still in Brooklyn but more to the
east. I cover Bushwick, Williamsburg, east New York and Brownsville
which from what I've heard are pretty ghetto. So fun stories here we
come! Oh also here's a fun fact. Jay Z grew up in the project houses
that are only about a 10 minute train ride from the church so that's
pretty cool. And I also cover Bed Stuy which is where Chris Rock was
raised...if that part of Everybody Hates Chris is real that is.
Anyways, my companion and I were blinded in meaning neither of us have
served here before and I'm still district leader and still have no
idea what I'm doing sooo not too much has changed! It's great! My
companion's name is elder Franco and he's straight out of training so
that's cool. He's also a lot more serious than I am but then again so
is 90% of every one else in the world xD

This past week we just did a lot of look ups and calls trying to get
to know the area as well as the people and so far it's going well.
This is the first branch I've ever been in so its kind of different
but they're really supportive of missionary work and even the youth
are getting involved in reactivation so that's really good. I'm really
excited to see what we can get done here.

This past week we didn't have too many fun/crazy experiences but I'm
sure that's subject to change the more we go out and find the crazies.
That's pretty much all I have for you today but here's a bunch of
pictures from my new area. Temple pictures will come later today
though I promise!

1) The last time I got to see these two. I know they don't look happy
but I promise you on the inside they're smiling
2) Angel got me a G-shock!
3) We saw another church of Jesus Christ and I thought it'd make for a
good picture
4) Yup. There's an avenue of Puerto Rico and its Hispanic paradise
5) Me trying to be a district leader
6) A look up we did had a door that was locked from the outside...I
knocked still just to be sure.
7) I saw this and thought hey look! My aunt Cindy just moved here from
Nevada! Love you Cindy :)
8) This lady was doing some stretching for a good 3 minutes that
reminded me of something from kindergarten

Temple Pictures

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