Tuesday, March 1, 2016


So I guess the only thing I could really talk about is Angel's
baptism! So it is officially set up for Thursday the 4th and it's
weird to hear that because a year ago from that day was when I took
the big step and left my family for the next two years and entered
that wonderful place known as the MTC. Craziness. And he asked me now
to baptize him. Yeah definitely didn't think that was gonna happen.
But here we go!

Now I'd just like to talk about the reality of priesthood blessings.
Both receiving and giving them comes from God. Yeah when we give them
we have a basic idea of what that person needs but it all is so
inspired. This past week we gave one to a little girl and then one to
a less active member and the spirit you feel when someone is giving a
blessing is unreal. But it is real. It's unreal in a very real way.
Sorry obviously I can't explain it but that's the best I can do
hahaha. But what I'm getting at is when you need help and you know the
only source is our Heavenly Father, never be afraid of asking for a
priesthood blessing because no one will ever say no. They're so
important and they help so much. Even if you don't need something
specific but you feel you should get one, still ask. They're real
everyone! Well that's all I got for today. Love and miss you all!

🇲🇽 Elder Rossi 🇲🇽

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