Sunday, March 27, 2016

1 year in New York

The week was pretty good! We had almost nothing set up and still had 16 lessons so the Lord definitely
helped us out because usually when we go look up the people who we did, they usually just aren't home but we found almost all of them! It was great! Still not too much progress with anybody we are teaching. But one of the kids who wants to be baptized who I was telling you about on Monday was able to come to church! So that was really good. We also talked to the boyfriend of a member and he said that he really enjoys church but has to work Sunday's so he can't come much. But he's trying to change his schedule or even his job if it comes to that!!
That was super cool to hear. As for crazy stuff, my stomach got destroyed and I had some super spicy poops because of this habanero sauce that I may or may not eat with everything haha. 

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