Monday, August 24, 2015

I'm just a kid

So to sum up this week, I'm still a child. There's definitely some parts of me that have changed but a good amount that still have yet to change. I've attached videos of me lighting stuff on fire and of a little fun idea I had (you'll see). I've been doing this stuff for a while now though and it's gotten to the point where a member from the English Ward made me sign a contract that said I must think about the consequences before doing something stupid...I've broken the contract already. But anyways! Missionary things! This week was a little slower but we still had a bunch of lessons with members and I thought about it yesterday and I've actually gotten really close with a lot of members and I can tell that they really appreciate the time I've had here which feels super cool! Then I went to the temple on Thursday for my anniversary trip! I've almost been out for 7 months now...before I know it I'm going to be at a year! Time goes way too fast out here. But yeah the temple was awesome of course and I got to see some of the MTC buds which is always good. Oh I also took the personality color test because I couldn't remember which color I was and I found out I'm extremely yellow which are the people motivated by fun. Anyone surprised? I'm not! That was random. Anyways, what else can I say? We set up the baptismal date with those 2 kids forSeptember 10 so that's exciting! I don't remember if I've talked about that yet. But yeah. Transfers are next Tuesday! This one went by crazy fast. It feels like just last week I picked Elder Ruiz up from Patchogue. I think that's also the reason why I've been more like myself this transfer...I'm with a companion who can actually deal with it! He got a little mad though when I thought it would be a good idea to throw a new bag of crackers up at the ceiling fan and they kind of exploded all over the floor that he just finished mopping. But it was funny to see them get flung across the room! He loves me though 😊 so uh yeah I think that's pretty much it! I love you all and thanks for everything!! Now here's some pictures! I actually have a good amount this week! 

1) Really weird shoes we saw last Saturday going to the temple (oh by the way I went last Saturday too) 
2) Me last Saturday at the temple
3) My favorite little guy Kevin. He moved to Florida last week and said he wanted me as his big brother 😭
4) We went bowling last week and I'm pretty sure that's my best game ever
5) Pretty much where I spend my days when I go to the church
6) This Thursday at the temple
7) The crew
8) Nasty slug
9) One of my favorite families
10) the contract

Primary activity on Saturday 8/22/15
The Elder Rossi and Elder Ruiz helped decorate for the activity!

No Mass Email

August 17, 2015
Tyler didn't write a mass email update this week so I'm sharing the little info he shared with me. Sometimes trying to get info out of him is hard. I think he is replying to email s and playing basketball at the same time. And we know how well guys can multi-task. Haha, just kidding.
I told Ty that Kyle went to opening social with the youth on Saturday and his response was "Man I miss opening socials! I'd better get called to the Young Men's Presidency so I can do that!"
Tyler found out that Elder Hussein (his zone leader from Brentwood, Ca) went to Herritage so they definitely played volleyball against each other. while we were talking about the upcoming transfer Ty said "there's also a good chance I'm going to be training! That'd be crazy...but fun!" And he's a lot more comfortable now. Ty said "I'm starting to talk more and more. I'm finally starting to be able to joke around with people and show them who I really am in Spanish now so that's good." I guess we will see if this proves to be good or not....especially after the email he sent home today!
This picture was sent to me by my friend Claudia Majano from her phone. And I zoomed in to show Tyler checking and responding to emails in between playing basketball. Quality isn't the best, but their you have it.

Monday, August 10, 2015

My attention span

So as many of you know, it takes a lot for me to just sit and stay
focused for a while, right? Well, that hasn't changed a bit. We had 13
hours worth of meetings this week and if there's one thing I took away
from them all, it's that my attention span is still equal with one of
a 6 year old. I did learn a lot of good stuff from the meetings
though. They were super powerful and I got to see a ton of people I've
gotten close with since being out here from different zone's since
there were 3 zones there. I also learned that missionaries have a way
with describing how they get into accidents. But anyways, yeah we had
meetings like crazy this week but they were good. But because of it,
we weren't able to have too many lessons so we had to get a little
creative with time. We ended up getting about 7 or 8 lessons which
isn't too bad but this coming week we're hoping to double that. Oh,
also, I learned that I get way too intense when I play monopoly. But
that doesn't matter right now. Am I helping you understand exactly how
short my attention span is? Okay well that's pretty much all I've got
for you all today! I guess I can also talk about how the two younger
kids we are teaching are nearing their baptism since their mom wants
to do it in September when her brother is here but I don't think I'll
be in Brentwood after this transfer so someone else will have the
opportunity to baptize them! So yeah that's where we're at now! Hope
you all have an awesome week! Until next time....

Elder Rossi

 Tyler and Elder Ruiz taught at a Relief Society Meeting and then they ate!

 Then he and Elder Ruiz played Basketball with the youth.

Sister Majano loves to feed the Elders and send me pictures. Tyler being his goofy self sporting the crown!
Today, Sister Majano took the Elders here for lunch/early dinner!
Tyler said "So this is pretty much everyone we hang out with on pdays with, a
couple additions but the guy in the tiger shirt is one of the guys I'm
closest to and the day we become comps, the world should surely die" The other Warriors fan
is the Zone leader from Brentwood, CA!

Hace mucho tiempo!

It's been quite a while huh? Well I'm alive! I'm just lazy 😊 but things have been rolling and I'm sure for most of you guys my mom has been keeping you updated. But real quick, I'm still in Brentwood, my zone leader is from Brentwood, CA and is now serving in Brentwood, NY so that's funny. I also have a new companion who loves metal and volleyball so we get along just fine. We also work hard so don't assume we don't! Okay now onto my week! 

Well let's go day by day! Monday we had family home evening with the bishop's family and they rent out the first story of their house and they told us we should go teach the people who live down stairs and then we talked with the bishop who became bishop 2 weeks ago about
what he wants to do and he told us how he wants the members to come to church a little earlier so we spent the entire week pretty much teaching about the sacrament and inviting and committing the members to come earlier and there were so many people there 10-15 minutes
early and it was awesome! Then Tuesday we taught 3 member families about that and also got a referral from a Dominican family so we will be going and visiting that person this week and then we also went to this less active's house and tried setting up another appointment after the lesson then they kept canceling through the week and finally we went to this member's house who doesn't have the best family relationship so we have been working with them a lot. They are all just so different and they don't get along very well. Then Wednesday we only had one lesson but I think there was a ton of housekeeping stuff we had to do so that's why but it was another really good lesson with another family I've been working with. That was the Lopez family and the dad like loves me and he's so super legit and kind and giving and I love him! Then Thursday was the craziest day. We woke up, exercised, studied, went to this service for an hour and a half or so
where we had to help a member's husband (he's not a member) with moving a ton of stuff then went back to our pad, showered and changed then went to a lesson with a youth's cousin who isn't a member and had a ton of young men there with us and it was super good. Then we went
out with one of the member's from the Dominican family we taught Tuesday night and went to an investigator's house and the investigator is Daniel and he's super strong but he needs to keep some other commitments first. Then Friday was a really slow day because everyone kept canceling but we went to a less active's house named Luis and we went with brother Artola  and he seriously just seemed like a normal member! The only problem is that he has to work on Sunday's but we asked if he would come on Sunday and just put faith in Heavenly Father
and ask for the day off or if you can come late and he came to church! And brought a friend!! It was so awesome!!! Then Saturday was a super good day. We went back finally and talked with these two kids who are getting ready for baptism but have some special needs so that's why
they haven't been baptized yet and we taught them a little more and what we are going to try to do now is go and see them every Saturday and Sunday so that we could possibly baptize them by the end of this month!! We also had an hour lesson with the girlfriend named Cassandra
of a less active named Juan  completely about prayer and it was super powerful and we brought a return missionary with us and he helped so much and once again we asked her to come to church show. It was sad. But we just have to keep trying! Then yesterday we had dinner
at brother Artola's house, went to the house of someone we found on Wednesday I think but he wasn't home and then we went back to that member house with the not so strong family unit and so we talked about CPR (church prayer and read) as well as temples and it was so powerful
and I feel like the lesson really touched the son who needs it the most. I'm not sure exactly but I'm hoping! Then this morning we were studying then get a call from a member we're closer with named Sister Majano and she asked if we could help her with something and we were like hopefully it won't take long so we went and we get there then she takes us out for breakfast at IHop! That was it! We were grateful but at the same time I was like man we were totally deceived! But that's sister Majano for ya 😊 

So that pretty much does it for this week! I'll try to get better at this but I also write exactly that in my journal and it's usually a lie so we will see what happens. Pero todo es posible con fe! Love and miss you all!

Elder Rossi 

Here are a couple pictures from Ihop courtesy of Sister Majano! (She sends me lots of pictures and I love her for that!)

Crazy Week

On Monday July 27, 2015, another day without a group update. This was part of the email that he sent to me. And a picture my new friend Claudia Majano (The Mission Mom) sent me.

As for my new companion his name is Elder Ruiz, he's super legit, he have
tons in common (he loves volleyball and metal so what more do I need
in life) he has a super cool story and best of all, he's a native. And
he saves my butt from time to time. He's from Mexico so we look like
Mexican buddies. And yeah I'm driving again. Elder Peña and I were
supposed to stay companions but elder Ruiz and the other elder in
Patchogue aren't able to drive and that's a driving area so that was
awkward and now he's the district leader here, I'm the driver and
elder Peña is now the driver in the other area. We fell victim to that
because we're the closest Spanish area to them I guess. So yeah that
was pretty interesting. Today we are going to institute at 1 then from
there we are going to another church building for nerf wars. Kyle
should be jealous. I guess there's like 20 people coming so that'll be