Monday, August 24, 2015

I'm just a kid

So to sum up this week, I'm still a child. There's definitely some parts of me that have changed but a good amount that still have yet to change. I've attached videos of me lighting stuff on fire and of a little fun idea I had (you'll see). I've been doing this stuff for a while now though and it's gotten to the point where a member from the English Ward made me sign a contract that said I must think about the consequences before doing something stupid...I've broken the contract already. But anyways! Missionary things! This week was a little slower but we still had a bunch of lessons with members and I thought about it yesterday and I've actually gotten really close with a lot of members and I can tell that they really appreciate the time I've had here which feels super cool! Then I went to the temple on Thursday for my anniversary trip! I've almost been out for 7 months now...before I know it I'm going to be at a year! Time goes way too fast out here. But yeah the temple was awesome of course and I got to see some of the MTC buds which is always good. Oh I also took the personality color test because I couldn't remember which color I was and I found out I'm extremely yellow which are the people motivated by fun. Anyone surprised? I'm not! That was random. Anyways, what else can I say? We set up the baptismal date with those 2 kids forSeptember 10 so that's exciting! I don't remember if I've talked about that yet. But yeah. Transfers are next Tuesday! This one went by crazy fast. It feels like just last week I picked Elder Ruiz up from Patchogue. I think that's also the reason why I've been more like myself this transfer...I'm with a companion who can actually deal with it! He got a little mad though when I thought it would be a good idea to throw a new bag of crackers up at the ceiling fan and they kind of exploded all over the floor that he just finished mopping. But it was funny to see them get flung across the room! He loves me though 😊 so uh yeah I think that's pretty much it! I love you all and thanks for everything!! Now here's some pictures! I actually have a good amount this week! 

1) Really weird shoes we saw last Saturday going to the temple (oh by the way I went last Saturday too) 
2) Me last Saturday at the temple
3) My favorite little guy Kevin. He moved to Florida last week and said he wanted me as his big brother 😭
4) We went bowling last week and I'm pretty sure that's my best game ever
5) Pretty much where I spend my days when I go to the church
6) This Thursday at the temple
7) The crew
8) Nasty slug
9) One of my favorite families
10) the contract

Primary activity on Saturday 8/22/15
The Elder Rossi and Elder Ruiz helped decorate for the activity!

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