Monday, August 24, 2015

No Mass Email

August 17, 2015
Tyler didn't write a mass email update this week so I'm sharing the little info he shared with me. Sometimes trying to get info out of him is hard. I think he is replying to email s and playing basketball at the same time. And we know how well guys can multi-task. Haha, just kidding.
I told Ty that Kyle went to opening social with the youth on Saturday and his response was "Man I miss opening socials! I'd better get called to the Young Men's Presidency so I can do that!"
Tyler found out that Elder Hussein (his zone leader from Brentwood, Ca) went to Herritage so they definitely played volleyball against each other. while we were talking about the upcoming transfer Ty said "there's also a good chance I'm going to be training! That'd be crazy...but fun!" And he's a lot more comfortable now. Ty said "I'm starting to talk more and more. I'm finally starting to be able to joke around with people and show them who I really am in Spanish now so that's good." I guess we will see if this proves to be good or not....especially after the email he sent home today!
This picture was sent to me by my friend Claudia Majano from her phone. And I zoomed in to show Tyler checking and responding to emails in between playing basketball. Quality isn't the best, but their you have it.

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