Monday, August 10, 2015

My attention span

So as many of you know, it takes a lot for me to just sit and stay
focused for a while, right? Well, that hasn't changed a bit. We had 13
hours worth of meetings this week and if there's one thing I took away
from them all, it's that my attention span is still equal with one of
a 6 year old. I did learn a lot of good stuff from the meetings
though. They were super powerful and I got to see a ton of people I've
gotten close with since being out here from different zone's since
there were 3 zones there. I also learned that missionaries have a way
with describing how they get into accidents. But anyways, yeah we had
meetings like crazy this week but they were good. But because of it,
we weren't able to have too many lessons so we had to get a little
creative with time. We ended up getting about 7 or 8 lessons which
isn't too bad but this coming week we're hoping to double that. Oh,
also, I learned that I get way too intense when I play monopoly. But
that doesn't matter right now. Am I helping you understand exactly how
short my attention span is? Okay well that's pretty much all I've got
for you all today! I guess I can also talk about how the two younger
kids we are teaching are nearing their baptism since their mom wants
to do it in September when her brother is here but I don't think I'll
be in Brentwood after this transfer so someone else will have the
opportunity to baptize them! So yeah that's where we're at now! Hope
you all have an awesome week! Until next time....

Elder Rossi

 Tyler and Elder Ruiz taught at a Relief Society Meeting and then they ate!

 Then he and Elder Ruiz played Basketball with the youth.

Sister Majano loves to feed the Elders and send me pictures. Tyler being his goofy self sporting the crown!
Today, Sister Majano took the Elders here for lunch/early dinner!
Tyler said "So this is pretty much everyone we hang out with on pdays with, a
couple additions but the guy in the tiger shirt is one of the guys I'm
closest to and the day we become comps, the world should surely die" The other Warriors fan
is the Zone leader from Brentwood, CA!

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