Monday, March 30, 2015

Tyler's email this week:
Hey everyone! So this week was a little slower. We only had a couple lessons scheduled and my companion got sick so we stayed inside for the most part. Anyways, going from day to day starting with Tuesday we had our district meeting and met with our Elder's quorum president plus some dinner there, too. I also impressed them because they brought out this hot sauce and they told me to put on a lot and I just kind of listened not thinking about the consequences and when I took a bite oh man did that hurt! But I played it cool only shedding a small tear that I don't think anyone saw. Hermano Fuentes (The Elder's quorum president) owns his own construction business and had one of his workers come over, too because he forgot we were coming so that was my first non-member I got to teach so far. He was a pretty cool guy and was pretty interested and were able to have a little conversation in Spanish. I say little because I'm only able to use the small vocabulary I have right now haha. Then after that we headed back to the pad to get my stuff for my first exchange! This is when I go with a different missionary for the day and I was happy because I got a native speaker as my companion for the day which meant he could help me a lot! But what I didn't realize is that he was terrible at giving that kind of sucked. There's nothing I hate more than driving in areas that I don't know but we got through it so its all good! That was a pretty interesting day though. I met this old guy who is very Peruvian and does not like America at all...or Americans. Which I don't understand at all since he lives in America. But long story short he wasn't a big fan of me and I didn't understand a thing he said which I was later told was a good thing. So that's good. I also went to a Muay Thai fighting class with a recent convert which was super legit. Afterwards, my companion and I talked to the instructor about coming down to the church for a self-defense class for the youth and he said he'd do it and he's really cool so I'm sure that's gonna be awesome. It got over around 9:30 so after that we headed back home to find out that my companion got sick! So those next couple of days we just stayed home so he could rest and obviously I had to entertain myself somehow so what did I do? Family history! I wanted to see how far I could go back on the family tree app and...wait for iiiit...I got all the way back to Adam! Yes the Adam! I thought that was pretty cool. I've also been slightly obsessed with the Joseph smith story which is okay for now since there wasn't much else I needed to do but it's increased my testimony of him and the restoration of this gospel. I'm loving the work I'm doing and I can't wait to do even more this coming week. As always I miss you all and I'd love to hear from ya! 

Elder Rossi

Tyler also tried and really liked Cow Stomach Soup, here is what he had to say about it. " I actually started eating it without knowing what was in there for about a week. Then I get back the night we were done with exchanges to find out it was cow stomach. Now usually people would get deterred by that. But me? I decided to have another bowl right then and there."

I got this picture with a caption "First exchange! And just took the most uncomfortable shower in my life...." I ask Uncomfortable shower? You don't explain? He says "I can't explain in just a couple words. Wait until Monday!" Stinker!
Here is what he said today "So the guy I was on exchanges with basically lives in the attic of someone's house so they're right under the roof...and they decided to put the shower on the side where the roof starts slanting over and to make things worse the shower head shoots straight across so I'm basically breaking my neck to wash my hair and it was just uncomfortable."
 His Family History, Family Tree App that goes back to Adam!
Some Pictures just for fun!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tyler's First Week in New York

Hips Don't Lie...but they have Wi-Fi!

Don't worry about the subject just yet. I'll get to that later.
Anyways, I made it to New York! I'm currently in Brentwood which is
kind of ironic since trees a Brentwood about 45 minutes from my house
so it's like I traveled all the way across the country to be back
home. Except not really. It's a pretty nice area though. It's pretty
quiet and lots of Hispanics (obviously). Well let's go back a couple
days to the airport. We woke up at 2:30 to make sure we got to the
buses by 3:30, got to the airport about 4:30 then we're on the plane
at 7:30. It was a nice flight and I took a nice little nap then I woke
up having to go to the bathroom. And just to make sure I wasn't
walking there blindly, I wanted to put my glasses back on...but
apparently something happened and the tape stopped working and my lens
fell out! So that was cool. And being my super observant self, I
didn't even realize the lens wasn't there until someone told me.
(Thank you Hermana Jenkins) skipping ahead, that night we had dinner
with the mission president, his family and his assistants who are
missionaries who he picks to help him I guess. It was amazing since it
was my first time having real food in 6 weeks! Then we spent the night
there and got ready to meet our trainers the next day. That was also
my first time getting a good night's sleep since our room was actually
above 30 degrees for once. Anyways, we met our trainers and I'm
actually really happy with mine. We have a lot in common and he's just
a really cool guy. He's also been helping me out with Spanish which
I've needed because some of the accents are so hard to understand.
See, the people who go out of country to like Central America or
Mexico usually have the luxury of speaking to one main Hispanic
culture. But not here! We get a little bit of everything! So I'll be
learning a lot. Ok. Now onto the title of this week's letter. So
because I'm outside the crazier and busier parts of the city, I get to
drive a car. I have a Chevy Cruze and I've actually enjoyed driving it
a lot more than I thought it would. There were also Subaru legacy's
and Impreza's so obviously I would have much rather driven those but
that's okay. Her name is Shakira and wait for iiiiit...she has wifi!
Get it now? Yeah I'm funny. Anyways, so far we haven't talked to any
investigators but we have been meeting with members and one of the
first families I met went pretty interestingly. Their son opens the
door, let's us in, then the Dad was in the kitchen washing dishes,
turns around and yells, "Nope! Out! Out! I don't want any Mormons in
my house!" But he was just kidding even though I almost peed myself.
And he could tell too. But that's how he is and now I love him. They
invited us over for dinner last night and we had these like hard
tortillas with homemade jelly and it was really good. I had about 6
before they finally stopped giving me some. He also pulled us aside
and asked if we would take his son out with us to go teach
investigators so that'll be fun. Tomorrow will be my first exchanges
where I'll be going with a different companion for a day and I should
be talking with investigators for the first time too so it should be a
pretty good week! Also, for those who want to send me letters because
I don't think Dear elders work anymore, here's my address:
85-69 60th Drive
Elmhurst NY 11373-5547
Also here's a picture of my shampoo that exploded in my bag, Shakira
and my companion who has the black version of my name (Tyrell)
That's it for this week!
Elder Rossi

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tyler made it to New York on Monday! I received an email from the Mission Presidents secretary saying I would receive an email and picture of my Missionary in a few days. I waited I'm waiting impatiently for it still to arrive. But the good news is I get to chat briefly via email with Tyler tomorrow! So since I don't have an update to share, I thought I would share the photos Tyler sent home this week....I still have no idea who his companion is.

 Tyler's Shampoo Bottle Exploded during the flight!

He sent this one saying he was the Designated Driver! Oh No, He's driving! I thought he was going to get a Metro Card!

                                                  The Car he gets to drive....Chevy Cruze


                                           Having some fun while he reads his scriptures!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tyler wrote his last email from the MTC today! He leaves next Monday to fly to New York! He is really enjoying learning the Spanish language and Loves to speak it! Enjoy some pictures too!

¡Hola todos! Pues, este semana estuve muy divertido pero muy triste también. Tenemos el otro distrito salen lunes y ayer. Teníamos un muy amistad muy interesante con los elderes pero ellos están mucho como hermanos. Estaba acerca con las hermanas también pero los elderes y yo estaban muy acerca. Entonces, ellos me enseñaron mucho como ser el mejor hermano mayor puedo ser y a causa de eso, quiero agradecerles. También en sábado hicimos contactos de puerta y aprendí como interesar personas cuando no quieren oír nuestra mensaje. Yo tenía un sentimiento pedir mi maestro Hermano Mace quien actuando como un contacto si conoce a alguien que él quiere a mi hablar con pero yo no actuaba en eso sentimiento y yo estaba muy triste por que después esa actividad, él dijo que él quería nosotros pedirle si conoce personas...pero a hora yo sé que yo necesito hacer. Hacíamos también contactos de calle y mi compañero y yo hablaba con un hombre quien quiere saber más y entonces hacía una cita con nosotros! Hablemos con él ayer y en el medio de nuestras lección, él nos dijo como hablar con pronunciación correcto por qué estamos gringos. Pero está bien por que aprendíamos más y este es que yo quiero! Ahora, necesito listar por el campo por qué salgo la próxima lunes por Nueva York!! Es más loco pero estoy muy animado. No puedo esperar pero al mismo tiempo estoy muy nervioso. Tengo muchos sentimientos jajaja. Bueno, no sé cuando mi próxima P-Day estará pero sabrá por que escribiré otra vez! Les quiero y les extraño todos!

First off, I just want to mention that I didn't use google translate for help and I also really like typing in Spanish so I think I'm just going to either annoy or impress you all by doing this every week. I'm pretty sure at least 95% of that is correct, too, but just like the one investigator I met with said, I'm still a gringo. Anyways, basically what that says is, "Hey everyone! This week was really fun but also really sad. We had a ton of missionaries leave our zone this week plus our branch president who has been involved in missionary work since 2001 was just released on Sunday so that was pretty tough. The elders were like brothers to me so it was especially hard to see them go but it's all part of the experience. They taught me so much and it's because of them I want to be a better person, better man and a better brother. Also, on Saturday during class we did door contacts to practice knocking on doors and teaching really quick lessons without getting turned away. I had to practice on my teacher being the person who's door we were knocking on and the first time he closed the door immediately which was pretty funny, then he progressively got easier. The 2nd or 3rd time I knocked on his door I had the feeling I should ask if he knows anyone else we can talk to but I didn't ask. Then when the activity was over he told us that's exactly what would have made him more interested...but it's all good since I know now that whenever I have a feeling like that I HAVE to act on it. It really could be the difference between talking with someone more and be turned away. You never know. That morning we also did street contacts where we just found random people outside who we had to talk to. My companion and I decided to talk to this one guy who looked like he spoke Spanish and we were right. He was also one of those fake "investigators" and long story short, we set up an appointment to meet with him on Monday. That was pretty interesting. It went pretty well until he called us gringos because he thought I was a native Latino...and then gave us a pronunciation lesson so that was pretty cool too. Right now I'm just getting ready to leave since I fly to New York on Monday! Craziness! I have a lot of mixed feelings but I think I'm ready for this. Also, I don't know when my next P-Day is since they're usually Monday but with me getting there Monday I probably won't email again for about two weeks. I miss everyone and I hope all is well with all of you! Also, have some pictures! 

 The Golden Boys (and a death stare by me)
   Zone/District Pictures

New Branch President and Counselors

Old Branch President and Counselors

MTC President and us

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tyler emailed again today. He has 13 days left in the MTC! WOW that went fast! Tomorrow will be a month since we dropped him off. 703 more days! I am very grateful for the use of Technology. Being able to chat with Tyler once a week has made this a lot easier on me. I don't know if it will continue once he is in the field, but I'm hoping!! Tyler has also started posting pictures, he says it makes it easier to take pictures knowing he can share them immediately.....and he says he knows it makes me happy! Ok, here is Tyler's update

Pues, por que yo decía muchos tiempos que mi español es bien, yo quería compartir qué yo sabía estas semanas en el CCM. Este semana pasada estuvo un poco difícil pero un testimonio fortalecedor también por que he realizado que yo necesitaba poner todo mi fe en nuestro Padre celestial y Jesucristo y sabe por mío que ellos bendecirán mi familia y mis amigos durante mi misión. Fue muy difícil pero a hora yo sé qué Dios está con mi familia siempre. ¡A hora sobre mi investigador José! José es de Guatemala y es muy increíble. Él dijo Elder Wixom y yo ayer que durante el fin de semana pasada él fue a la boda de unos de sus amigos en el templo y él comió mucha comida y después sintió como un gigante jajaja. En nuestras lecciones, enseñábamos sobre la restauración como José Smith, Jesucristo, los profetas y obvio, el Libro de Mormón. En nuestra última lección, enseñábamos sobre El Plan de Salvación y él aceptaba nuestro invitación a ser bautizado. Ahora, por favor entiende que José es no investigador real por que él es solamente un voluntario para el CCM pero es un actor muy bien. En otros noticias, ¡Ayer estuve el cumpleaños de mi maestro hermano Mace! Celebrábamos su cumpleaños con una fiesta en nuestro clase con galletas, globos, y dos juegos pero después necesitábamos planear nuestra semana por que nosotros elegimos lo que hacemos y es muy divertido. Por ejemplo, elegimos practicar como hacer contactos puertas y mi compañero han actuado como estábamos en un relación juntos y estaba muy gracioso. ¡Pues, este es mi semana y yo ojalá que ustedes pueden que entender mi email! Tambíen, yo quiero decir, vi una columna de luz más brillante que el sol directamente arriba de mi cabeza. Y esta luz gradualmente descendió hasta descansar sobre mi. Al reposar sobre mi la luz, vi en el aire arriba de mi a dos personajes cuyo fulgor y gloria no admiten descripción. Uno de ellos me hablo llamándome por mi nombre, y dijo, señalando a otro, "Este es mi hijo, amado, escuchaló"

Well ok, I guess I won't leave you guys to fend for yourselves. Basically what I said was I wanted to type in Spanish because I keep saying how I'm learning a lot but I haven't been able to show everyone exactly what so that's why I decided to type in Spanish! I started out talking about how this week was kind of a harder week but it also strengthened my testimony that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will bless my family and friends while I'm gone because I'm serving my mission. I was feeling a little homesick but because of how badly I want to bring the people of New York the happiness they can feel from the Gospel I pushed through it and this turned out to be one of the best weeks yet. I also taught our "investigator" José again who is just a volunteer for the MTC and he committed to be baptized in April even though I leave for New York in about 13 days. Which is so crazy to think about. But I'm so excited! Also yesterday was my teacher's birthday and we stole some cookies from the cafeteria for him to eat. And by some I mean somewhere around 20. And by him to eat I mean my class to eat haha. The walk back from the temple this morning was pretty fun too because it started snowing pretty hard but we made it back. Just getting me ready for New York! Well that's about it from me this week!

Elder Rossi

I'll have to post the pictures later....They are in the cloud on the iPad.