Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tyler wrote his last email from the MTC today! He leaves next Monday to fly to New York! He is really enjoying learning the Spanish language and Loves to speak it! Enjoy some pictures too!

¡Hola todos! Pues, este semana estuve muy divertido pero muy triste también. Tenemos el otro distrito salen lunes y ayer. Teníamos un muy amistad muy interesante con los elderes pero ellos están mucho como hermanos. Estaba acerca con las hermanas también pero los elderes y yo estaban muy acerca. Entonces, ellos me enseñaron mucho como ser el mejor hermano mayor puedo ser y a causa de eso, quiero agradecerles. También en sábado hicimos contactos de puerta y aprendí como interesar personas cuando no quieren oír nuestra mensaje. Yo tenía un sentimiento pedir mi maestro Hermano Mace quien actuando como un contacto si conoce a alguien que él quiere a mi hablar con pero yo no actuaba en eso sentimiento y yo estaba muy triste por que después esa actividad, él dijo que él quería nosotros pedirle si conoce personas...pero a hora yo sé que yo necesito hacer. Hacíamos también contactos de calle y mi compañero y yo hablaba con un hombre quien quiere saber más y entonces hacía una cita con nosotros! Hablemos con él ayer y en el medio de nuestras lección, él nos dijo como hablar con pronunciación correcto por qué estamos gringos. Pero está bien por que aprendíamos más y este es que yo quiero! Ahora, necesito listar por el campo por qué salgo la próxima lunes por Nueva York!! Es más loco pero estoy muy animado. No puedo esperar pero al mismo tiempo estoy muy nervioso. Tengo muchos sentimientos jajaja. Bueno, no sé cuando mi próxima P-Day estará pero sabrá por que escribiré otra vez! Les quiero y les extraño todos!

First off, I just want to mention that I didn't use google translate for help and I also really like typing in Spanish so I think I'm just going to either annoy or impress you all by doing this every week. I'm pretty sure at least 95% of that is correct, too, but just like the one investigator I met with said, I'm still a gringo. Anyways, basically what that says is, "Hey everyone! This week was really fun but also really sad. We had a ton of missionaries leave our zone this week plus our branch president who has been involved in missionary work since 2001 was just released on Sunday so that was pretty tough. The elders were like brothers to me so it was especially hard to see them go but it's all part of the experience. They taught me so much and it's because of them I want to be a better person, better man and a better brother. Also, on Saturday during class we did door contacts to practice knocking on doors and teaching really quick lessons without getting turned away. I had to practice on my teacher being the person who's door we were knocking on and the first time he closed the door immediately which was pretty funny, then he progressively got easier. The 2nd or 3rd time I knocked on his door I had the feeling I should ask if he knows anyone else we can talk to but I didn't ask. Then when the activity was over he told us that's exactly what would have made him more interested...but it's all good since I know now that whenever I have a feeling like that I HAVE to act on it. It really could be the difference between talking with someone more and be turned away. You never know. That morning we also did street contacts where we just found random people outside who we had to talk to. My companion and I decided to talk to this one guy who looked like he spoke Spanish and we were right. He was also one of those fake "investigators" and long story short, we set up an appointment to meet with him on Monday. That was pretty interesting. It went pretty well until he called us gringos because he thought I was a native Latino...and then gave us a pronunciation lesson so that was pretty cool too. Right now I'm just getting ready to leave since I fly to New York on Monday! Craziness! I have a lot of mixed feelings but I think I'm ready for this. Also, I don't know when my next P-Day is since they're usually Monday but with me getting there Monday I probably won't email again for about two weeks. I miss everyone and I hope all is well with all of you! Also, have some pictures! 

 The Golden Boys (and a death stare by me)
   Zone/District Pictures

New Branch President and Counselors

Old Branch President and Counselors

MTC President and us

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