Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tyler's First Week in New York

Hips Don't Lie...but they have Wi-Fi!

Don't worry about the subject just yet. I'll get to that later.
Anyways, I made it to New York! I'm currently in Brentwood which is
kind of ironic since trees a Brentwood about 45 minutes from my house
so it's like I traveled all the way across the country to be back
home. Except not really. It's a pretty nice area though. It's pretty
quiet and lots of Hispanics (obviously). Well let's go back a couple
days to the airport. We woke up at 2:30 to make sure we got to the
buses by 3:30, got to the airport about 4:30 then we're on the plane
at 7:30. It was a nice flight and I took a nice little nap then I woke
up having to go to the bathroom. And just to make sure I wasn't
walking there blindly, I wanted to put my glasses back on...but
apparently something happened and the tape stopped working and my lens
fell out! So that was cool. And being my super observant self, I
didn't even realize the lens wasn't there until someone told me.
(Thank you Hermana Jenkins) skipping ahead, that night we had dinner
with the mission president, his family and his assistants who are
missionaries who he picks to help him I guess. It was amazing since it
was my first time having real food in 6 weeks! Then we spent the night
there and got ready to meet our trainers the next day. That was also
my first time getting a good night's sleep since our room was actually
above 30 degrees for once. Anyways, we met our trainers and I'm
actually really happy with mine. We have a lot in common and he's just
a really cool guy. He's also been helping me out with Spanish which
I've needed because some of the accents are so hard to understand.
See, the people who go out of country to like Central America or
Mexico usually have the luxury of speaking to one main Hispanic
culture. But not here! We get a little bit of everything! So I'll be
learning a lot. Ok. Now onto the title of this week's letter. So
because I'm outside the crazier and busier parts of the city, I get to
drive a car. I have a Chevy Cruze and I've actually enjoyed driving it
a lot more than I thought it would. There were also Subaru legacy's
and Impreza's so obviously I would have much rather driven those but
that's okay. Her name is Shakira and wait for iiiiit...she has wifi!
Get it now? Yeah I'm funny. Anyways, so far we haven't talked to any
investigators but we have been meeting with members and one of the
first families I met went pretty interestingly. Their son opens the
door, let's us in, then the Dad was in the kitchen washing dishes,
turns around and yells, "Nope! Out! Out! I don't want any Mormons in
my house!" But he was just kidding even though I almost peed myself.
And he could tell too. But that's how he is and now I love him. They
invited us over for dinner last night and we had these like hard
tortillas with homemade jelly and it was really good. I had about 6
before they finally stopped giving me some. He also pulled us aside
and asked if we would take his son out with us to go teach
investigators so that'll be fun. Tomorrow will be my first exchanges
where I'll be going with a different companion for a day and I should
be talking with investigators for the first time too so it should be a
pretty good week! Also, for those who want to send me letters because
I don't think Dear elders work anymore, here's my address:
85-69 60th Drive
Elmhurst NY 11373-5547
Also here's a picture of my shampoo that exploded in my bag, Shakira
and my companion who has the black version of my name (Tyrell)
That's it for this week!
Elder Rossi

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