Monday, March 30, 2015

Tyler's email this week:
Hey everyone! So this week was a little slower. We only had a couple lessons scheduled and my companion got sick so we stayed inside for the most part. Anyways, going from day to day starting with Tuesday we had our district meeting and met with our Elder's quorum president plus some dinner there, too. I also impressed them because they brought out this hot sauce and they told me to put on a lot and I just kind of listened not thinking about the consequences and when I took a bite oh man did that hurt! But I played it cool only shedding a small tear that I don't think anyone saw. Hermano Fuentes (The Elder's quorum president) owns his own construction business and had one of his workers come over, too because he forgot we were coming so that was my first non-member I got to teach so far. He was a pretty cool guy and was pretty interested and were able to have a little conversation in Spanish. I say little because I'm only able to use the small vocabulary I have right now haha. Then after that we headed back to the pad to get my stuff for my first exchange! This is when I go with a different missionary for the day and I was happy because I got a native speaker as my companion for the day which meant he could help me a lot! But what I didn't realize is that he was terrible at giving that kind of sucked. There's nothing I hate more than driving in areas that I don't know but we got through it so its all good! That was a pretty interesting day though. I met this old guy who is very Peruvian and does not like America at all...or Americans. Which I don't understand at all since he lives in America. But long story short he wasn't a big fan of me and I didn't understand a thing he said which I was later told was a good thing. So that's good. I also went to a Muay Thai fighting class with a recent convert which was super legit. Afterwards, my companion and I talked to the instructor about coming down to the church for a self-defense class for the youth and he said he'd do it and he's really cool so I'm sure that's gonna be awesome. It got over around 9:30 so after that we headed back home to find out that my companion got sick! So those next couple of days we just stayed home so he could rest and obviously I had to entertain myself somehow so what did I do? Family history! I wanted to see how far I could go back on the family tree app and...wait for iiiit...I got all the way back to Adam! Yes the Adam! I thought that was pretty cool. I've also been slightly obsessed with the Joseph smith story which is okay for now since there wasn't much else I needed to do but it's increased my testimony of him and the restoration of this gospel. I'm loving the work I'm doing and I can't wait to do even more this coming week. As always I miss you all and I'd love to hear from ya! 

Elder Rossi

Tyler also tried and really liked Cow Stomach Soup, here is what he had to say about it. " I actually started eating it without knowing what was in there for about a week. Then I get back the night we were done with exchanges to find out it was cow stomach. Now usually people would get deterred by that. But me? I decided to have another bowl right then and there."

I got this picture with a caption "First exchange! And just took the most uncomfortable shower in my life...." I ask Uncomfortable shower? You don't explain? He says "I can't explain in just a couple words. Wait until Monday!" Stinker!
Here is what he said today "So the guy I was on exchanges with basically lives in the attic of someone's house so they're right under the roof...and they decided to put the shower on the side where the roof starts slanting over and to make things worse the shower head shoots straight across so I'm basically breaking my neck to wash my hair and it was just uncomfortable."
 His Family History, Family Tree App that goes back to Adam!
Some Pictures just for fun!

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