Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Best Week So Far!

So I can honestly say that this week was the best one thus far.
Tuesday was a little slow but it was also the night I had to get ready
for the exchanges with the zone leaders. I was really excited for this
because this meant that I was going to be able to go into their
teaching pool which is English speaking so that would mean I get to
teach in English for a day! But I was wrong...we got a call saying one
of them is coming to our pool to teach with me. I guess I was okay
with that but I also kind of assumed the one coming spoke Spanish as
well...But I was wrong about that, too. So then I got a little more
scared for what was to come the next day. So then I asked my companion
to set up appointments for me...but he said no and I would have to
call people. Are you kidding me?! This is my 3rd week man! Yo no hablo
español! And for those of you that don't know, the phone is the
scariest thing for language learners. It's the hardest thing...and I
was the one answering the phone the whole next day. So I prayed. Hard.
         The next day came, went to a lesson, they were busy, I
understood that but that's nothing big. We went out and shared the new
Easter video (which any of you can watch by the way by going to
Mormon.org and search He Lives. It may not be Easter anymore but that
doesn't mean you can't watch a video about Jesus!) which was some in
English and some in Spanish but still nothing exciting. The exciting
part happened in our final lesson of the night. It was to this recent
convert and now less active family who we decided to visit. Before
going in I told my companion for the day, Elder Rodgers, that this
family speaks no English. He wished me luck. So we went in, shared the
video, discussed it and right when I thought we were done Elder
Rodgers opens his mouth and I'm like ¡Ceré su no a hora! Because if he
spoke that meant I had to translate! But he didn't shut his
mouth...and I translated. And the spirit just took over. I translated
word for word not knowing how the heck I was doing it or if it was
right but the feeling I had while speaking was so warm and so strong
that I knew I wasn't doing it alone. He bore his testimony to them and
it was the coolest thing not only for me but for them too because the
Dad who usually doesn't prayed said he would pray for us. And it was
by far one of the coolest experiences I've had. Then as we were
leaving I told Elder Rodgers that 1) He is a jerk and I can't believe
he did that to me and 2) That was the coolest thing that has ever
happened to me and I thanked him.
          Then, as if I wasn't filled with the spirit enough on that
day, I got to watch conference all day Saturday and most of the day on
Sunday! It's just an awesome opportunity to hear from our prophet and
his apostles and the messages they share. I could go into what I
learned but I don't want to make this too long but I will say that if
you ever get a chance whether you're one of my member friends or not,
look up the talk by Jeffrey R. Holland in the Sunday Morning session
by going to LDS.org and there should be a pretty big link to that. It
was awesome.
          Okay, now onto some fun stuff. I realized that I haven't
said too much about my companion so this should sum him up pretty
good. So we realized this past week how much we both love Psych. We
both quote it all the time but then we took it a step farther and
realized we're actually a lot like Shawn and Gus! I'm Gus mainly
because I can drive he can't, my hair is a lot shorter and I don't do
anything with it, I'm a little more serious (at times) and I'm always
hungry. Now he's Shawn because he says suck it all the time, loves his
hair, is a little full of himself and also really observant. So now we
act like them all the time with our fake arguments and stuff and it's
a lot of fun.
         So yeah! That was my cool experience and basically what my
life is like now! Until next time!

Elder Rossi
 When Elder Rossi found out he was going on exchanges with someone who doesn't speak Spanish....and had to do all the talking!
That day went better then he thought it would!

When Elder Rossi found out that the Gift of Tongues is real!!!

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