Tuesday, April 28, 2015

1 down 15 to go

So this was a pretty slow week but still had some fun. Obviously. It's me. So Wednesday I had a service project since it was earth day and it was really big so a bunch of news stations came to record it and I got to meet this one really big newscaster on the channel 12 news so that was cool. He wanted to talk to my companion and I about what we were doing and then he was wanting to actually interview us. Obviously I was excited but I also was like, let's just have some fun here. So he interviewed my companion and he took it seriously so I figured he'd get on and I wouldn't so I just messed around. I thought back to Talladega Nights and I was acting like I didn't know what to do with my hands so I just kept raising them up and annoyed the camera guy a little haha. Then I got some really weird questions about recycling and stuff but my favorite question went something like this: "A common problem is when we see a pile of trash on the side of the road, we decide to just add to it. What do you think the remedy to that is?" And obviously that's a super weird question and I couldn't take it seriously at all so I just put on a straight face, looked at the guy and said "We just gotta find those trash cans man!" To which he started laughing at and I thought that was a pretty good answer! Then I was telling all the other missionaries there about it and they thought it was funny and now the big saying is "Just gotta find those *blank*" depending on what we're talking about. So I'm proud of that. Lesson wise this week was pretty slow. Nothing too exciting there. I have noticed an improvement in my Spanish though and we already have about 6 appointments set up for this coming week so that's good. Other than the fact that my first transfer is over I don't think anything else really big happened so I'll just leave you guys with that and remember, find those trash cans!

Elder Rossi 

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