Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Well I've heard it gets hard to write home after a while but I didn't
realize it came this quick. So here's a very quick recap from this
last week! I first had a lesson with a less active family who the
bishop wanted to get back to the temple and after meeting with them we
found out they have already been planning on it so that's cool! Then
we had a lesson with this family of a member and have the people who
were there were members so that was interesting.  Then we had a lesson
with our main investigator Yefry and his family who are super cool and
after the lesson he said he would come to church but once again he
wasn't there so that was kind of sad. But it is a weekly thing so
there's still another chance. Today for P-day we were supposed to go
to Brooklyn to meet up with some of my companion's friends but we got
lost and that didn't really happen but we got some pictures so here ya

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