Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I'm giving a what??

So this week was another pretty slow week teaching wise. We would go
looking for people to find out they're not home, they moved or
something else like that. Hopefully this week will be better though!
We weren't able to teach Yefry this week either because of his work
schedule so that was kind of a bummer but we did get a new potential!
His name is José and when we told him we have a message about Christ
he was just like "¡Digame!" Which is just like tell me or lay it on me
so we did just that. We taught him most of the restoration and how the
Book of Mormon came about and he was still interested afterwards and
said we can come back any day Monday-Friday so we'll definitely be
there this week. This Friday is when we'll be teaching Yefry again,
too, and we're bringing the Ward Mission Leader's brother in law who
is another awesome teacher so that'll help a ton. We also have this
other investigator named Christina who we teach during her breaks at
the barbershop where she works on Wednesdays so we'll be doing that
this week and possibly setting up an appointment to teach her family!
Oh and then with Jeremias (The guy who's house we staked out) we'll
hopefully be there tomorrow or tonight to talk with him again. Other
than that we're just doing look ups and trying to find those

As for some fun stuff this week, we went to the Elders Quorum
president's house for dinner then family home evening and the sister
missionary who taught him a while back was in town visiting as well
and we found out how he came to the church and that he proposed to his
wife on the day he was baptized. He's a super legit guy. But the
sister missionary was an English missionary and knows no Spanish so
that made family home evening interesting since the president's wife's
aunt who was there as well doesn't speak English. So he had to
translate from either English to Spanish or Spanish to English which
made speaking in Spanish hard so I gave up and went to English. It
also didn't help that he was mimicking any movement or sound we made
while talking haha. Then Friday rolls around and I get a text from the
district leader saying I have been chosen to give a talk on Sunday.
Um...what? I gave one in the MTC but this is like real stuff man! I
kind of freaked out more than I needed to but I did fine, I wrote a
talk that was about the light of God and how important it is and it
was about 10 minutes I would say. And a lot of people told me that it
was really well done so something had to be right! Then after
sacrament meeting we went to Richmond Hill, Queens to go see someone
who my companion taught from the beginning be baptized and that was
super cool. (I also was getting score updates about the clippers and
rockets and I was very happy to hear the rockets took the clippers
out!! But that's not important) and it was actually supposed to start
at 4:30 but the guy left church, bought a cake and then got back at
5:15. But he was baptized and it was all good.

Now, the reason why we didn't have pday yesterday was because of zone
conference and oh my goodness was that amazing! I learned so much, had
some good food, good cake and now I just want to get out and put the
things I learned into action. Usually it is at the mission offices but
since it was President Calderwood's last round of zone conferences we
had it at the mission home and it was super legit. By far the best one
yet (and my first). So yeah that about does it for this week! You all
are awesome and I love you miss everyone! And here's a picture of my
talk (in English too) and me with president and sister Calderwood.

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