Thursday, May 28, 2015

Well poopy....

Yeah the subject can pretty much describe how my week went. Nothing
too much happened so this one will definitely be shorter. But to start
off I just want to say that I made some pretty awesome meals (using
pasta) and I was going to take pictures to prove it but I would start
to eat and just wouldn't stop so use your imagination! Also, we had a
little problem with our plumbing... Our tub became a giant cesspool so
that kind of stunk. (No pun intended) so we dealt with that for two
days then we were finally able to go out and teach no one would be
home or they would cancel and things as such. It was pretty difficult
just because that meant we were left win pretty much nothing to do.
But I'm hoping this week will be better and that I'll have more to
write for next week! Also, we went to the Mets vs Phillies game today
and since I've been to a couple Phillies games before I remembered how
their catcher's nickname is chooch so every time he went up to bat I
yelled that of course. I also still hate driving in the city. Well
that's about it! Enjoy some Pictures!!
1) our tub
2) our view
3) Comp selfie

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