Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Great Things come in 3's

So guess what! I'm in a trio now! The district leader was needed
elsewhere so he left this past week and his companion is now in our
pool. It's definitely not staying like this though. Especially since
my trainer will be going home this next transfer. Also, to everyone
who has ever played words with friends with me and knew I cheated I'd
just like to point out that I played scrabble last night and won fair
and square so I am able to play I'm just lazy! Anyways, this week was
insanely busy because we now technically have two teaching pools so
things have been pretty fun. One thing that's also for sure is that we
got fed so much this week. And I loved it. We had 2 investigator
lessons this week (both from the other pool) which went really well
but teaching as a trio is so different. You really gotta find your
part in all of it. We also haven't heard anything from our
investigator Yefry this week. But this is usually around the time when
work for a lot of people pick up and that's exactly what he's been
saying it is. We mainly had member lessons though. Both active and
less active. We also worked a ton doing service Friday and Saturday.
Friday we helped our mama negra move which took pretty much the whole
day and that was a good time and then Saturday we went to this other
member's house to help him clean out his shed so we got even more sun
this week after recovering from the mets game. So yeah I've got a nice
missionary tan line going already. So yeah! That's pretty much the
gist of everything out here! This is the last week of the transfers so
by next week I'll know whether I'll be staying here in the promised
land of Brentwood (which I'm hoping) or be moving on to other things
in New York. Stay tuned!!

Elder Rossi

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