Thursday, June 18, 2015

What A Week!

So this was by far the most exhausting week of my mission thus
far. And it gave me a little taste of how many good things are in
store for this transfer. So Tuesday was my last time seeing my trainer
Elder Pincock for a little while and that was fun. Transfer meeting
was pretty good. It was president Calderwood's last one so obviously
he left with a bang because of how powerful both his and his wife's
talks were. Then after that was the leader's meeting and because my
companion (who is still Elder Peña) had to stay for that and I got to
hang around for a while after the meeting because of that.
    Then Wednesday was more of a housekeeping kind of day. I started
cleaning up my Facebook page to make it look more professional which,
for those of you who have seen some of the things I've posted, shared
or liked then you might understand how long it's been taking me to
clean that :) The main purpose of Facebook is to not only reach out
and continue talking to investigators and members out here but also
friends, family or anyone else who might be interested in talking with
us about the gospel through this online proselyting method.
    Thursday was the day that really killed me though. We had a solid
weekly planning session saying exactly which people and families we
want to focus on, getting our plans straight since our teaching pools
are now combined so we have so much work on our hands. But right after
that we had lesson after lesson. We just would show up to a house,
they'd be home, share a message and continue on with our day and it
was actually a really good day. Even though at first I wasn't too
excited since we had so much planned and I'm lazy. But since that day
we've had 11+ lessons and it's been a blast.
    One thing I would invite all to do is the same activity we had
one family do last night and we were all able to feel the spirit so
strongly. It's super simple. We had the family put on Yo sé que vive
mi señor which is I know my redeemer lives in English and just had
them write any thoughts or feelings they had down on a piece of paper.
Elder Peña and I decided to join in too and one thing I wrote was
"Podemos sentir el espíritu bien fuerte cuando pensamos solamente de
nuestro salvador Jesucristo" which would translate to "We're able to
feel the spirit so strong when we think solely of our savior, Jesus
Christ." And it's so very true and it's something I've really been
working on. Like I said before I've been on Facebook so shout out to
some of my loving family members for remembering me during the Warrior
games :) Trust's been a struggle. But as I think of what I'm
doing here, all the good that I'm doing, it makes it a little bit
easier. It truly does.
    Thanks to everyone out there who may or may not be reading these!
Even if not everyone does, that's okay because sometimes I just type
to pass time in the laundromat. Anyways, summer is here so I hope
everyone has an awesome one! Thanks again!

Have some pictures too!

1) Last picture of the Ty's
2) Good ol' New York traffic

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