Monday, June 29, 2015

Laziness strikes again

Hello everyone! Well this week was another quick one but we were super
busy still. Had a lot of lessons and yesterday we were literally the
answers to someone's prayers yesterday and that was super cool. That
was probably the highlight of this week. I'd write more but even as a
missionary I'm still prone to be lazy every now and again. Please
don't hate me! But here's a picture to kind of show how much it rained
in about 20 or 30 minutes :) Love you all!

I was not happy with this short little post...Luckily Ty emailed me a little more detail so I will share that here:
we definitely had a ton of lessons again this week. 13!! The two yesterday were my
favorite though. Yesterday I just had a weird feeling of trying to go
visit two member families who we haven't had much success with and man
did that work out. We were literally the answer to one sister's
prayers and that was the first time we got inside her house. Then we
went to the Mendoza family after about 6 or 7 weeks of not being there,
and we talked about families. I was on splits with a husband and wife
who don't speak any English in this lesson too, so I was stressing
super hard but they talked for the most part and it was just
absolutely amazing. And someone finally guessed I'm not Hispanic this
week!!! I was happy. As for exercise, we ran once, went to the church
to play basketball once but have done a sit up to turn off the alarm
then fell back to sleep more than I can count 😂 Wstill have a lot of
investigators and we even got a new one this week! His name is José, he called 
me out on not knowing much Spanish so that hurt a little but it's all good. Our
return appointment is this Wednesday so I'll let you know how that goes for sure!

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