Monday, July 6, 2015


So I would just like to take a second and appreciate America and all
the people who make America America! Then first was with this young man
who is getting ready for his mission but we're pretty sure he's just
going because his dad just wants him too, because he doesn't know much
about the gospel, so we're trying to help him. That particular day we
literally taught EVERYTHING. Every missionary discussion from start to
finish pretty much. But he still didn't understand everything so we've
got some work to do with him...but I have faith in him, as you do with me.
Then after that we had a lesson with the son of the 2nd counselor in
the bishopric who recently had an accident at work when someone ran
over his leg with a bulldozer or something like that. So we brought
this married couple, who are also the parents of our Ward mission
leader, and had a lesson talking about the will of God. He really
appreciated it and that was a really good lesson too. He also said my
Spanish is really good, so that felt good of course. Then to end the
night we went to the Elder's quorum president's house to share that
same message. The one cool thing there is that I had an impression
to say how everything you do will always start at the home so teach
your children the importance of this gospel and I feel like that stuck
with them. Then Wednesday came and this day stomach hurt
like crazy to the point where I felt like someone was stabbing me. So
we stayed in all day. And it just wasn't fun...but then Thursday came
and so did our new mission president! We had a mission conference so
we could get to know him and his wife more and something cool about
him is that he has his own construction company and he is obviously
another spiritual giant and has awesome insight on a lot of stuff!
After the mission conference we got home around 7 maybe? I don't
really remember but then we went and visited two more people with that
same couple from Tuesday night and that was another great night. We
went to an inactive member who's daughter is on a mission right now in
Mexico and told her the importance of going to church and she says she
really does feel like she needs to sometimes, but then others she just
doesn't. The sister's normally work with her though so that was just
kind of a quick visit. Then we went to a member who is a little more
active but just needed some help right now and she felt so blessed to
have us in her home because we talked about the will of God and how he
gives us trials to test our faith and that's just what she needed. And
that ended Thursday. Then Friday came and the first lesson we had was
with a recent convert named Yefri (not my investigator from a while
ago. That was Yefry) but anyways we talked about prayer and I lead
that discussion and just had impressions to say stuff left and right
and I'm pretty sure that helped him a lot because his life is going in
a thousand different directions right now. So I told him how we can
pray to our Heavenly Father and ask Him for guidance and direction in
our lives and that according to our faith, He'll respond. Then after
that we went to the young man's house to teach him some more! But then
we felt to do the opposite. He teach us! So that's what we did. We
went over the restoration one more time, then asked him to teach us.
Pretty sure it helped but he also needed a lot of help as well. But
we're trying to give him as much help as we can! Then after that we
did some look ups, got some food then 7:30 rolled around and we
finally got to meet with our new Ward mission leader for the first
time and he is super awesome. He's 20, is still waiting a little bit
to go on a mission and has some awesome ideas on how to work with
members and that's exactly what this Ward needs. It's a big Ward but
it definitely needs some strengthening as everyone does sometimes so
that's what we've been working on a lot. Then we had some empanadas
which are a salvadorian dish and it's amazing! But I don't know how to
describe it but I'm sure you know what it is then Saturday came which
is one of my favorite days of the year: 4th of July!!!! It's obviously
a little different on the mission but the end of the night was quite
interesting. But let's start from the beginning. There's a member
family who went a little less active recently because of a big move
they just had and we finally found the husband Friday so we asked if
we could come over and he said yeah so we went over to see what's up.
I guess they completely remodeled the house they're in complete with
new floors, paint, walls and some other stuff so I was just like wow
that's a ton of work but they still need to go to church, you know?
But it was good to see them again and they were happy to see us in
there house so that was good. Other than that we just got lots and
lots and lots of food...I thought I was going to die by the end of the
night. But then we get home and see a huge party going on in the back
yard with crazy loud music and crazy loud bass which wasn't far from
my bed so I could hear everything absolutely perfectly. We looked out
the window at one point to get a glimpse at what the party was really
like but we couldn't see anything except people playing beer pong. Oh
they also had a super legit fire work show which is illegal here too
but it wasn't too shabby. I'm going to add a video of that as well so
hopefully it works too. Then yesterday we did a couple visits with the
bishop which is always an awesome thing to do to get his trust in us
and finished the night at the house we went to first on Monday but
this time the husband was home and the wife was not but we were still
able to come in. We ate some steak, rice, tortillas and my absolute
favorite thing in the world, beans. I'm still struggling to keep those
down a lot...but then the crazy thing was that all of a sudden we see
lights and hear tons of sirens and look outside and there's 3 fire
Trucks! We weren't sure what happened so we ended the message quick
and just kind of left. But not without a selfie in front of everything
with the husband of course! So that was my week!

Here's some pictures!

1) Our district and the 3 wonderful AP's
2) Two members who love feeding us...they also love giving us beans
3) We like to be cute too
4) And the most patriotic district award goes to...
5) The 4th and final dinner appointment from Saturday
6) The boys from the Ward. Left to right: Me, Jorge the Ward mission
leader, Elder Peña, Ronnie, Joesph, Angelo and then there's Anthony
7) The wonderful selfie

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