Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015- Not a lot of Wifi....

My week was pretty good but really
hectic at the same time. We had exchanges Tuesday night to Wednesday.
Oh! And surprise party was kind of a bust. Hispanic time is a real
thing so nobody really showed up until 8:30 pm and we left to go get a
tank of gas for the barbecue and that took like an hour! But elder
Peña was happy so it was all good. Then Wednesday was pretty simple. I
was on exchanges with one of the zone leaders who speaks about the
same amount I did before I left so he helped very little but the day
went smoothly so it was all good. Then we had a lesson with Cassandra
(the girlfriend) and that went well of course. We taught the gospel of
Jesus Christ. Well, for the most part. We taught faith and repentance
and then just decided to leave her with that. But she understood it
all so that's what's important. I think we had about 4 lessons that
day. Then Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were super crazy.
Thursday was the most chill but we had ZTM where we just kind of got
together as a zone to discuss some stuff and that was short but then
we went to McDonald's with one of my close friends I've made from the
zone then I hop right after that because one of the guys from the
English Ward goes home this transfer so the English and Spanish
districts got together one last time. Then Friday came, the craziest
day. We woke up a little earlier so a member could come and play with
us and we were a little tired so we took a nap and woke up to a call
from the zone leaders telling us we get to move apartments :D and
better yet we are moving to an even smaller pad! So we weren't too
happy about that. Plus there's no wifi so that kind of sucks but I'll
get over it (I'm staying in this area by the way for another transfer)
so we literally moved everything we had out of my first pad to this
new one in about 6 or 7 hours so that was an adventure. Then Saturday
we had a couple lessons in the morning but then in the afternoon we
went to a member's house to help them move and that was ridiculous as
well. They had a couch with a hide away bed that weighed at least as
much as I do I'm sure and we carried that up a flight of stairs. Oh we
also had Taco Bell before that and they have these things called cap'n
crunch delights and if you don't try them, you will miss out on the
world's greatest creation. They're so super good. Oh and yeah I helped
her find you on Facebook! (One of the members in Tyler's Ward friended me
on Facebook and sent me pictures!) And we were actually at the church for
basketball in the morning then we went to institute and our Ward was
cleaning the building then ate together afterwards. So that was cool.
Then yesterday there was a bishopric change, which we were
happy about because the bishop and first counsellor are both members
who we are super close with, but they haven't called the 2nd counsellor
yet, so that was weird, but we're sure it's going to be Brother Majano
so we're stoked for that. As for the young man getting ready for his
mission, we kind of stopped going just because we could tell he was
getting annoyed with it all so we were just like okay whatevers. So
yeah that's the gist of my week! 

Capt'n Crunch Bite from Taco Bell

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