Monday, August 10, 2015

Crazy Week

On Monday July 27, 2015, another day without a group update. This was part of the email that he sent to me. And a picture my new friend Claudia Majano (The Mission Mom) sent me.

As for my new companion his name is Elder Ruiz, he's super legit, he have
tons in common (he loves volleyball and metal so what more do I need
in life) he has a super cool story and best of all, he's a native. And
he saves my butt from time to time. He's from Mexico so we look like
Mexican buddies. And yeah I'm driving again. Elder Peña and I were
supposed to stay companions but elder Ruiz and the other elder in
Patchogue aren't able to drive and that's a driving area so that was
awkward and now he's the district leader here, I'm the driver and
elder Peña is now the driver in the other area. We fell victim to that
because we're the closest Spanish area to them I guess. So yeah that
was pretty interesting. Today we are going to institute at 1 then from
there we are going to another church building for nerf wars. Kyle
should be jealous. I guess there's like 20 people coming so that'll be

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