Thursday, June 18, 2015

Just another week in Paradise

So to start this one off I'm just going to go ahead and say that I'm
staying in my first area! I was really happy about that for two
reasons: I'll be able to continue teaching the investigators I started
out with and hopefully see a baptism happen or at least set one up.
The other reason is that my mom sent me a ton of food and I have been
able to finish any of it so I'll have another transfer to stuff my
face with all that goodness. Now for the week!

Tuesday was a taste at what these next 6 weeks are going to be like
because my trainer took his 4th and final temple trip so elder Peña
and I spent the whole day together and it turns out he is now my
companion! Should be some fun stuff. And Tuesday went pretty well too.
First we taught this one investigator who, to quote Nacho Libre,
basically said, "I believe in science"  so we will be playing Jack
Black and sneaking up behind him to baptize him...which should be
interesting! I think the weirdest thing though is to think that my
companion is going home now. Like we may not have gotten along all the
time but he was still a super chill guy and I learned a lot from him.
He also shaped me into the missionary I am today which is either a
good or bad thing.

We also had a couple lessons with this other investigator who may or
may not be investigating the church just for his girlfriend. He's been
pretty difficult and actually had a baptism date but because he
doesn't seem to have a real strong desire to be baptized we are
wanting to push that back a little. But hopefully with time we will
help him to really have that desire because we don't want to baptize
someone just to say we baptized someone because then they're not doing
it for the right reasons.

One thing that was pretty interesting from this past week was that
this guy who is a usual at chili's decided to pay for our whole
district on Friday for no reason! He came over and talked with us and
I didn't really pay attention because I was too busy watching
highlights from game 1 from the finals (obviously the better
highlights since last nights game sounded saddening) and he just got
to know us then decided to pay for us! So that was really cool. And
our waiter agreed that Rapunzel is way better than Elsa so that was

Something else that's pretty legit is that we will be getting Facebook
and Skype this week so that means our means of teaching are now going
to be a little different but hopefully more effective! I'm not sure
exactly how it's going to work yet so please no questions about it to
those few who enjoy talking to me.

So the pictures I'm including today are probably pictures I should
have included last week except for our district photo. That was from
this past week. And because some of you may have heard that I color in
order to relieve stress you can see my amazing artwork. So here ya go!
1: Ninja power
2: this amazingly terrible game where some jelly beans are normal and
others are those disgusting flavors...1 out of the 6 I had was good
and 3 or 4 of them was skunk spray. The taste wasn't bad but man did
that stink. Oh and I had barf too and almost barfed be caused of it.
3: the district
4: The tremendous trio

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