Thursday, June 25, 2015

Is it Monday again??

 Wasn't it Monday like just the other day? Anyways, I'm back! So
this week didnt feel as busy as last week but somehow we got the same
amount of lessons. Well okay not the exact same. We had 10. But close
enough! Oh and happy late dia del padre! So Monday we had an
interesting experience...we were at a less active's home just barely
getting ready to start teaching something when all of a sudden we hear
a knock at the door with a panicking mother saying her daughter needs
to go to the hospital and I guess she needed the member to drive. I
didn't find out why but that's besides the point. Apparently what
happened was this little girl fell on something and completely tore up
her leg to the point that her skin flopped over. It was still attached
but you could see inside her leg...we didn't see it but he told us
about it when we went back on Saturday. So yeah that was bad. Then
Tuesday we had another fun one.  But I won't go into that one.
     Anyways, let's talk about the good stuff! We only had one lesson
with an investigator this week but that lesson was still really
powerful. We also had a lesson with another member family who's been
going through some tough times and I was able to share a pretty long
story from my life (all in Spanish) and that went really well. We're
just trying to work more and more with members, strengthen the ward,
find out how we can help the families but more than anything we want
their trust. And that's something that definitely has happened the
past week. We're slowly learning more and more about each family and
individual and we're hoping to get to each member's home which is hard
because of how spread out everyone is and how many members there are.
But it's also really good there's a lot of members!
     This past week I found a quote that will probably get me through
most if not all my mission. I'll include a picture of the full quote
afterwards but the gist of it is that the secret to missionary work is
work. The more we work the less we think about home. And that's why
I've been trying harder and harder to work from 11 in the morning
until 9 at night (with those meal breaks of course) because I know
great things will come from this work and as I start to think less and
less about home, the more I'll really start enjoying my mission. It's
not easy and it's an ongoing struggle right now but I'm still
adjusting and as I have patience with myself, I will get there. (Boys
II Men may start singing now) Not sure if anyone will understand that
reference but that's about it for my week! Thank you to everyone out
there! And to you father's that this letter gets to, happy Father's

Elder Rossi
The last picture of President Calderwood and I
The quote
Pretty much what my area looks like

how did those get in there??

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