Monday, April 25, 2016

It's an Easter miracle!!!

Hey everyone! How's everyone doing? Hope you're good! I'm still out
here just going along working like always. This past week was a little
different though. A lot of smaller things kind of came up so getting
lessons was a little harder especially because people were busy
celebrating Easter with something called family and friends? I didn't
understand what that meant but I'm sure it's something good!

Something kind of funny that happened this week was because of the
massive amount of Jews in our area, my companion said it'd be funny to
say happy Easter to one of them. Well me being me I just kind of
agreed with him and thought, yeah here comes a surprise my good
friend. So we were walking and I said happy Easter to the very first
Jew we passed 😂 he didn't think it was very funny but we did! They're
just literally EVERY WHERE. And I guess they speak Spanish too so my
companion and I can no longer make fun of them in Spanish...sad day.

Okay serious stuff! So one of the things that we had to do was we went
to zone conference which was super awesome for 2 reasons, 1) I had a
little reunion with all my friends in the other zones and 2) it
actually motivated me a lot more than usual to be better. And one thin
that president said that kind of stuck with me was how we can't ever
know what God's desire is for us without asking him and then he asked
us all to do just that. And that's kind of been something I've wanted
to know for a while. So yesterday our branch did fast Sunday since
next week is general conference and everything and that's exactly what
I fasted for. I definitely felt the spirit throughout the day but
nothing that I could really say was an answer. So then we are getting
home and then the phone rings and it's an unknown number. So I answer
and it turns out that it was a woman who moved here recently from the
Dominican Republic, is a member, wants to know where the church is and
wants us to teach her husband who isn't a member! #eastermiracles !!!
And then I just got this really good feeling that Heavenly Father does
really trust me and wants me to continue to find and teach the people
in this area to bring them unto Christ and he will always prepare the
way in his own time. So yeah! Super cool experience

Something else I wanted to share real quick is about the sacrament.
Yesterday I was listening to one of the talks from the October 2014
general conference called the sacrament by Cheryl Esplin. She starts
explaining the symbolism behind the sacrament including something I've
never realized before...she starts out by talking the painting of
Jesus with all his angels behind him where his arms are extended
towards us. And then she explains how the young men who pass the
sacrament are exactly like that painting in the sense that they
represent Jesus Christ with his arms out towards us always ready to
allow us to partake of that and be clean and start over again. I just
really liked that. I probably didn't explain it as well as she said it
so you should all just go and look it up. There's also a super cool
new Mormon message on you should check out too!

So yeah that about does it for me! Hope all is well. Love and miss you all!

1) This is the street where my boys elder Robinson and Elder Saintersn
got robbed. I thought I'd stop by one day because we were in the area
2) This less active guy looks like the guy from key and peele 😂
3) My poppa is getting married!!!

And the videos kind of speak for themselves

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