Monday, April 25, 2016

La Expiacion

So this week was another pretty successful week. We taught, brought
people to church and even set up an interview for Jessica and Raymond
Ortiz to meet with the branch president since he was out of town for
the past 2 weeks. We also got to talk to him for a little bit and tell
him about some things we have learned about some less actives in the
ward. Gaining trust from the branch presidency is definitely going
well. As for crazy moments we saw a pretty good street fight which was
my first one so far. Someone was also yelling world star so I was
happy to hear that's still a thing haha.

This is a shorter email again but to finish up I just wanted to share
something I learned yesterday at church: The more we experience the
true amazing feelings of the atonement, the more we should feel
obligated to share our testimonies. I've never thought about it like
that before! Because it's pretty much the basis of our purpose in this
life and if we don't share that with others, then how could they
experience the fullness of joy that comes with it! I'm probably not
the best at explaining it but I blame Spanish for that haha. But in
short, the atonement is amazing. Share that knowledge with people! Yup
that's pretty much all I have to say this week!

Also after about 8 or 9 months of being in Brooklyn I finally made it
ONTO he Brooklyn bridge! P.S. I my eye on the left looks messed up
because of the glare...I don't really have a lazy eye. There was also
a shoutout to Concord High! In my eyes at least

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