Monday, April 25, 2016

Conferencia general!!!!!

Well as the title makes it seem, general conference was awesome! It's
just super cool that we get a chance to hear from the prophet and the
apostles. It's also fun to get a ton of snacks from the members to eat
during it haha. This conference probably affected me the most too.
There's so much I want to do better now and I know without a single
bit of doubt that there's a way prepared for each and every one of us
to be better!

So besides conference, the other highlight of my week was that we
actually got to meet that couple I talked about last week! The one
with the wife who's a member and the husband who isn't. There names
are Jessica and Raymond Ortiz just because I'll be talking about them
a lot. And they're already married which is almost unheard of in
Hispanic culture! He seems to be pretty open to a lot of things but we
also didn't teach too much stuff when we met with them. Then Sunday
came around and him and his wife both came to the first session of
conference! He was a little overwhelmed but one thing that worked
perfectly was that the first talk given yesterday was about the
restoration and he was able to follow along with that one pretty well
since he read the restoration pamphlet we left him with. But then
after that he said he was pretty lost. But we have a return
appointment with them on Thursday and we're hoping to clear up a lot
of stuff for him. So stay tuned with that!

We are also working a little more with this less active woman and her
boyfriend who really likes the church too. That's Maria and Roberto.
Roberto says he believes in it all, feels good when he goes to church
but still needs to try and fix his schedule so he can actually go to
church. But he's super solid!

This past week we had a really good weekly planning session where we
just went hard planning for each person and thinking of where they
could be in a couple months now that elder Franco and I have gotten a
good feel for the area and the people and we're both staying. Well, as
we were planning we saw all the potential success we could be having
this coming transfer so we are hoping for that!

To finish up, this past week I realized the real reason why I've
stayed on my mission through all the tests and trials I've had. I
won't go too deep into it but it's definitely because of the atonement
of Jesus Christ. Because of that sacrifice of his, there are so many
blessings that are available to us. So much love, peace, forgiveness
and happiness we can receive from what he did for us. And I've felt of
a lot of those blessings and it just wouldn't be right if I kept all
of that to myself! It's like a whole team winning a championship but
only a few people get the credit while the rest of the team isn't
acknowledged at all. That ain't cool man. So that's why I'm here so I
can try and share that knowledge and happiness with others!! Well one
of the big reasons at least haha

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