Monday, April 25, 2016

Never Give Up

So as I sit and ponder on this week the only thing I can really think
of is how many times I've shared a certain story that I would like to
share with each of you. Just a forewarning, I am getting deep about a
topic that probably shouldn't be that deep. But here we go!

So, as many of you know I love the Warriors. And my favorite player?
Just like the rest, it's gotta be Stephen Curry. But the reason why is
one that may not be like the rest. I don't think there's ever been a
better or more inspiring underdog story. You see, he was a very small
point guard in high school. And he still is really. But because of
that, nobody thought he would go to a big college to play ball. Which
he didn't. But he still took them far in the brackets. Then it came
time for nba and absolutely nobody thought he would get drafted and if
he did it would be for a lower graded team and he wouldn't be playing
very much. Well as hard as it is to say, he went to the Warriors when
they weren't that great but he still gave his all to prove himself.
Then just as he started rising to fame, his ankles would give out on
him every other game he played. He was at one of the lowest points and
he definitely could have just given up. But he put faith in God,
bettered himself each and every day and now look at him. He's done
everything everyone said he'd never do.

Now, why would I share this story? Because so many people get to their
lowest points in life and just feel like it's better and easier to
just give up. Well as hard as it may be, that's the complete opposite
of what we should do. We have been put in this life to get through
hard things. That's how we progress and become more like our Heavenly
Father each day. We pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off
(sometimes literally) and we put faith in God, His plan for us and His
son Jesus Christ and all will fall into place. Sort of. There's a lot
that we have to do but there's always a way. No matter how far we
think we are from where we want or need to be, there's always a way
back. Always.

So yeah! That's my deep thought for the week! As for everything else,
lessons are still happening, seeds are being planted and people are
slowly but surely being prepared for baptism. We only got to see
Raymond once this week but we still had a really good lesson with him
and cleared up a lot of questions as well. We also got back finally to
talk with Carlos who was the guy who didn't want to talk to us for a
while. And we finally got to meet the son of the blind member who is
hanging with the wrong crowd and getting in some trouble. We are
hoping to really talk to him more and help him get back on the right
path. I also got to see a lot of the members from midwood this weekend
because we had stake conference so that was really awesome too! My boy
Joaquin was included in that group of course 😏 pictures included!!
And that about does it this week! Much love!

1) District picture at the bridge last Monday
2) So last week I may have gotten a little dehydrated playing
basketball and I was exhausted but apparently my tired face is also my
grumpy face. These are two different picture with the same exact face
3 and 4) The crazies from this week
5) How my district does accountability
6) The Rodriguez family from Brentwood!! Their son recently got
baptized and I was one of the first missionaries to teach him. I got
to see them at yet another funeral we sang at
7) Joaquin! Plus other members I don't know and missionaries who are
also deriving in Brooklyn
8) Me and Joaquin!!

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