Sunday, June 26, 2016


Well it's been a little while so I thought I should send something
out. Basically, things are pretty much the same except that I'm in a
trio again for my 2nd time! Which also means I still have yet to have
a companion for 2 full transfers outside of training! Yay! It's been
kind of hard since we have to plan out our days a little different but
it's only for the rest of this week and then I should have a companion
again. The only question at this point is if I'll be staying in
bushwick. When it comes to people we're teaching, nothing too big has
happened but I a, starting to work with someone from my last area so
that was cool to see him again. Trio life is definitely a fun life

And as a lot of you know, I've been having some problems with my jaw.
Luckily I can talk still it just kind of hurts to eat most food but
I'm hanging in there. So that's that!

I'm also trying to make these emails more interesting but I'm at the
point in my mission where it's getting really hard to do that!

1) serious picture
2) Last day with Franco...I'm with the other two now
3) me cheesing hard with Franco for the last time
4) Skyping the fam! Pay no attention to how my face is now fatter

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