Sunday, June 26, 2016

Still in Bushwick! (5-24-16)

Well this past week I got my new companion so I am no longer in a
trio! But that also means I'm on my 10th transfer with my 9th
companion. Crazy right? So the reason why I'm emailing today is
because yesterday we had interviews with president Reynolds so we got
to take pday today. As for this past week, I got my new comp and we
went right back to work. Because of how I was in the trio, I didn't
get to visit all the people I wanted to so it was good to see everyone
after a couple weeks. We actually got in with a good amount of people
we didn't even have lessons set up for and then we also had time to go
knocking which I haven't done in super long. One of the doors we
knocked was answered by one of the buffest dudes I've ever seen and
when we asked him what he does for work, he said that he was in the
military. When we asked him more specifically what he did he said
special forces....and that made absolute perfect sense.

This transfer is looking like it'll be a good one because this coming
week one of the investigators the sisters are teaching is getting
baptized and he has asked me to do it so I'm excited about that and
Raymond and Jessica should be coming back from the DR soon and Raymond
should be able to be baptized this transfer as well! Here's to hoping!
As for more good news, the past two mornings when I woke up I haven't
had to crack my jaw back open so I mean that's some good improve to
too. It's been a while since I've been able to do that too haha

Also, I swear I wrote a weekly update last week but I was wanting to
send pictures with it which I still haven't gotten from the sisters so
I gave up on those. Sorry! But I'll make do with what I do
have...which still isn't much. Sorry again!

1) I can't remember if I sent this one or not but just in case, this
is a super awesome cake that sums up my district pretty well
2) Elder Gill (to the left of me) who was my zone leader in Midwood
for my last two transfers there went home! He's from the Sacramento
area so not far from me at all
3) Super good potato taquitos that I was happy about

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