Sunday, June 26, 2016

Noodle Cat (6-13-16)

I have no real subject titles anymore so I'm just making a list of
random graffiti tags and those are going to be my subject titles.

What a week!! We got in doors, we taught and even had a pretty big
miracle find along the way. So here we go with some highlights:

1. We were on our way to this lesson and the guy lives on the other
side of our area (which by the way is HUGE) and we had to transfer
from one train to another  in Manhattan and as we were waiting for the
one in Manhattan this lady walks up and asked if we spoke Spanish so
we told her yeah just thinking she wanted help with directions but
then she told us she's actually a member! And she lives by us! And her
family knows nothing about the church but that she's been looking to
back for a couple years now but never knew where the church was and
she wanted us to come over to teach the family!! So we set up an
appointment with her for the very next day and the family seems way
solid. The kids are a little shy but really fun to talk with still.
The 13 year old son actually started looking through the introduction
a little and the dad said he would start reading the book a little
that night so we are excited to see what happens. Sadly they will only
be here for a couple more months and then they're moving to New Jersey
but we'll see what happens!

2. I got a volleyball!!! (Thanks mom)

3. Yesterday we taught this lady who elder franco and I actually found
our very first week in bushwick and for the past couple months we lost
contact with her which kind of sucked but yesterday our lesson was way
good. We taught the restoration and it was among the few times of many
that I quoted the first vision and no phone rang, no baby started
crying, no dog started barking nor was there any glass broken (okay
that last one has never happened). The spirit was super strong and she
even said that she would come to church this coming Sunday! That's a
big deal now because 1) it's a pretty far trip and 2) it starts at
9:00 and for most people we talk to, they aren't too big of a fan of

4. I realized this past week that I'm able to count how many more
transfers I have on one hand...that was crazy

5. Two families who I've been working with a lot since I've gotten to
bushwick have both been coming to church without too much talking to
that's been great to see!

So yeah a couple good things but that's what keeps you going and
always wanting to teach more to bring more and more people unto
Christ! Good stuff all around. This past week we also had zone
training meeting which is basically just where the zone gets together
and talks mission stuff and I was reminded of one of my favorite
stories which is about this guy finding out he did a lot more for the
only person he baptized than he thought. He thought because he only
had one baptism he was failure and didn't accomplish much. But then he
met this missionary who happened to be the son of that man he baptized
and the missionary told him how the gospel is huge in his family and
it's because of him. I don't remember where I read that nor do I
remember when but I've always remembered that story and it has been
the biggest thing that's kept me going. It's always just reminded me
that it may only be one or even none at all that we bring into the
gospel, but we never know what will happen to the people we teach in
the future. They could come back into contact with the church after
being dropped as an investigator, they may have a change of heart and
decide to come back to church and they may bring their whole family
into the church after they are baptized and you never know. Then today
we went to Brooklyn bridge park to play volleyball on the sand courts
they have there for a couple hours and then as if I wasn't content
from that, I decided to play basketball for a little while too. It
sucks when you realize you don't run as much now and you get leg
cramps just from playing basketball. I could have been dehydrated
though...definitely a possibility. Good fun with good people and got
some good sun too though! So yeah that about does it for this week.
¡Que tengan una buena semana!

Oh and have some pictures too

1) Famous rainbow bagel from last Monday
2) The thug district (it was our pday while the other two
companionships had theirs on Tuesday because of temple trips so that's
why elder Bergeson and I are in normal clothes.)
3 and 4) My favorite place in the whole mission (Brooklyn Bridge Park)
5) Pretty cool McLaren we saw yesterday

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