Sunday, June 26, 2016

Baptism!! (5-30-16)

Hello everyone! So this past week was mainly a week of service but we
also had a good amount of success in between. Monday and Thursday we
had to help people move pretty much all day but we also got a new
investigator on Thursday and she seems pretty solid. She just has a
son with pretty serious autism so a lot of her time is taken to care
for him and everything but she really does have a good desire to learn
more and even come to church on Sunday! So we are hoping to get back
with her. And then we also went on exchanges with the zone leaders
which is always a blast but this time was a little different. I don't
know if any of you from my home ward remember elder walk but his
cousin is my zone leader now!! I didn't even know they were cousins
until we were on exchanges so it was way cool. We played some pross
ball, took a video with a huh drumming and he got his first real look
at a full Jewish community. So fun times all around haha. Then
yesterday we had a baptism for the guy the sisters were teaching and
he was super happy about it! He was really excited to take that step
and become a member of the church and everyone could both feel and see
it. And pictures will be included of course. Finally, yesterday we had
a lesson with a deacon and his little brother who isn't baptized yet
but is 10 years old. I talked to him about baptism when elder franco
was still with me but he seemed like he was against it. But I decided
to bring it up again! And, well, he decided to be baptized on Father's
Day which is more than enough time to get him ready since he already
comes to church every week with his dad. So we are hoping that happens
for sure!

I just wanted to end this with talking about the spirit. Mainly
because of the baptism yesterday but elder Bergeson and I also got to
teach the youth Sunday school class yesterday and it was about
following the sprit. I also read in 1 Nephi 18 yesterday which is
about Nephi and his family going to the promised land but they had to
live righteously so the Liahona would work and once his brothers
started rebelling again, the Liahona which basically worked as their
compasses seized to work. Well that's exactly how the spirit works. It
leads us to where we really need to be but it will only give us the
direction we need when we are living in accordance with god's
commandments and do what's right otherwise that "compass" stops
working. Pretty cool, right? Well, that's pretty much all I got for
you this week! Enjoy some pictures!!

1) Pretty sick starting hand in BS (I'm still easily amused)
2) The heat is back! It makes me happy
3) The view from our looks way better in person but that's
the Empire State Building #applequalitypicture
4) Alexander and me before the baptism!
5) Fun little edit I made to a district picture with him afterwards

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