Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Well here I am again! I have one thought that I'd like to share real
quick....CURRY FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!! I also saw someone wearing some
curry twos last night and I just looked at him, asked if those were
curry's and when he said yes all I said was good choice and then
walked away. Good times. Okay, serious time!

So this week was a little slower because we are still trying to get in
contact with people but we had plenty of time to go out and talk to
people and plant some seeds. We were good there. And we got a couple
people who would like to talk again so that was good. We also got back
to this family that we contacted one of the first days in Bushwick and
that was really good. They said that they want to find a good place
for their daughter to grow up learning right principles and live in a
righteous way so elder Franco and I bore testimony that this is the
place for them. It was a solid lesson. And now we got a return
appointment for next Sunday! But other than that we are just trying to
get back in with the less actives and find new and old investigators.
So stay tuned!

One thing I was thinking about this past week was how God will ask us
many times to do harder things for him. But I was on exchanges this
past week too with one of the zone leaders who I was pretty good
friends with before this transfer (I also got to play proselyting
basketball for the first time!) and he told me how nothing in life is
hard. Just certain things challenge us harder than others. When I
heard that I was just like sooo yeah those things are harder and he
said yes but if you always think of it as a challenge, you know that
it's possible to achieve. Everything is a mind set. And just like 1
Nephi 3:7 says, if the Lord commands it, he will always provide a way.
We just have to accept it and follow it no matter how hard it may be
but it is always possible. So yeah those are my deep thoughts for the
day! Hope everyone is doing well and that you all have an awesome

1) what I live for as a missionary
2) I'm funny
3) Are hover boards really that big of a problem?

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