Sunday, March 27, 2016

What a nice summer night! Wait it's March?..

Now this is a story all about how my life got twist turned upside
down. Now if like to take a minute just sit right there and I'll tell
you all about how I became the prince of a town called Brownsville.

So there's this wonderful place called Brownsville in our area and
elder Franco and I had nothing to do so we spent the whole day and
night just walking the streets looking people up and contacting. It
was fun. We had a 40 something year old lady ask us to marry her and
just like many other people someone challenged us on our doctrine but
I was just like yeah we don't have time bye. That happens way too
much. But one good thing that came from it was that we met this
Dominican guy who has been waiting for the missionaries to come by for
a long time now because he's blind and his son was taking him to
church but now he's getting in trouble and won't go to church. So he
was really happy to see us. We didn't get to talk to the son though.
It was also almost 80 degrees here and it felt oh so good. Picture
proof is coming.

We also looked at we had planned for Saturday half way through the
week and realized we had nothing...I was kind of scared that it was
just going to be a day of contacting but we actually had a lot of luck
with the look ups we did so it turned out being a pretty good day! We
also saw a Lamborghini driving through town and a guy with a small
patch of hair on his kind of looked like someone missed a
small patch of crab grass. Oh the hipsters in Brooklyn.

One big thing we are going to be focusing on now is the new Easter
video that was just released by the church called hallelujah. It talks
about the atonement of Christ and all that he did for us and what it
means. We've already shared it a couple times and it really brings the
spirit and it really helps you understand all that Christ did for us.
No one will ever truly know extent of his suffering that night in the
garden of Gethsemane but we do know the effects of it. We can live
with our families and friends forever. I know that and is because of
that knowledge that I have so much hope. I may not be the most
positive and happy go lucky guy around but one thing that does keep me
going is that this life isn't the end. We can't even imagine how much
is ahead of us.

Finally, thank you to everyone who sent me an email last week. I
needed them and I appreciated each and every one of them. It still
ain't easy but I'm getting through it. I love you all, I love this
gospel and even though it is really hard I love being a missionary.
Have a good one!

I also took some good pictures so enjoy!

1) We were on a search for the best roof top view of Manhattan
2) Williamsburg bridge last week
3) There's this famous bagel place that makes colored bagels that
taste really good and we wanted one. Then we found out it was an hour
and a half can see elder Franco in the red sweater at the
back of the line.
4) proof
5) Missionary pictures are awkward pictures
6) Chillin with a burrito in one hand and a Jarrito's in the other 😏
7/8) We found the best view

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