Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hello again! (September 5, 2016)

Well here I am again! And this week was literally filled of pretty
awesome miracles. No lie. The first one happened Wednesday night when
elder Parkinson and I decided to do some look ups and knock in a white
neighborhood and just hope for the best. The thing is that on just
about any street you'll find some Spanish people. So we did those look
ups with no luck but then we did some knocking and at this point it
was about 7:45. The first person we knocked into was a Hispanic lady
and she let us in, we shared the message of the restoration with her
and now we have a return appointment tonight. Then it was roughly 8:15
and at that point out here on Long Island nobody likes to talk but
somehow we got to talk to two more people that night. And I had your
typical late night miracle lesson to top it off.
You know those stories you hear of missionaries getting spiritual
impressions the same time as their companion and they go knock that
house even though it probably was time to go home? Yup you can add
this story to that collection. Elder Parkinson and I were walking back
to the car because it was 8:45 and we were about 15 minutes from home
but we both looked at this house across the street and we both felt we
had to go knock it and it turned out the owner of the house had talked
to missionaries two other times and we basically told him that the
lord is preparing him to accept this message and it seemed like there
was a difference made in his life after talking to us this time. At
least I think so...I wasn't there those other times but it seemed like
he was touched by what we were saying!
Another miracle we had was the fact that we had enough time last night
to talk to enough people to match the weekly goal since nobody would
actually let us in there house haha. But yeah the goal is 105 and we
were at like 70 so we just went hard with knocking and ended up with
two more lessons and finding some solid people. Just gotta hope they
give us a second lesson now. That's another miracle that needs to
happen more haha.
So yeah that pretty much sums up my week! I also had chicken hearts
for the second time and that's always fun.
Have a good week!

🇲🇽 Elder Rossi 🇲🇽

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