Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I'm alive!

Hey everyone! Sorry I'm so bad at writing 😂 but here's some updates!
I'm still in Westbury with elder Parkinson which makes him the first
one I've gone more than two transfers with since we were also together
in Brooklyn. We also divided the area among the district so we got all
the people the other elders were working with in Westbury and some
other areas so our teaching pool has increased a ton. So we are
working with that and still trying to see what we can do. And in other
news, I went to the temple today for my 18 month mark! Super
crazy...can't believe I've been out this long. The sisters I came out
with are now home which is kind of weird to think about too. So yeah!
I just thought I would kind of give a small little update but still
nothing too big has happened out here. Hope all of you are doing well
though! Here's some pictures from today at the temple!!

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