Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Tyler didn't send a mass email, but he asked me to pass this info along!

So this past week if you remember correctly Michael said this church grabbed his attention. Well we didn't realize exactly how much but apparently a ton because he now wants to be baptized this Sunday! He came to conference and loved it, watched it at a members house and had a great time and has felt nothing but love and happiness from being a part of this already. And it's been amazing. It's really hard to see his living conditions because it's very very humble and sad but we are helping put as much as possible. We've made him food, we found a chair for him, a mirror and now we found a clothes rack he can use because his clothes are just in piles. But it's been so cool to see him so happy and feel so loved. It's awesome! And that pretty much describes my past week. It was revolved a lot around him so we can really prepare him for this Sunday. So please send some prayers because he needs it and so do we so we have enough time to get this all done!

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