Saturday, October 15, 2016

Macol- 10-10-16

Another week without a Mass update, so here is what Tyler sent to me:

Maycol was able to be baptized and everything was going really
smoothly too! Like too smooth. We taught him every day this past week
and with each lesson he was like yeah that totally makes sense. Except
for baptisms for the dead...he was a little confused at that but I
mean most people are haha. Then Saturday rolled around and he had the
interview and he passed with flying colors. The only thing we thought
would be in the way was work but he was just like if they make me work
Sunday I'm just not gonna go. Sadly he's fired now but just about
every member yesterday came up to him and told him about a bunch of
job opportunities they have for him so that was really Cool! So we
were just like man this is going too well...then the craziness starts.
The font filled up WAY faster than we thought it would and ended up
flooding the girls bathroom, leaked into the primary room and got the
carpet pretty wet near the entrance to the font and the changing area
was pretty wet too. And to make things better the only way to pull the
drain was to actually get in the font which was filled with mainly
cold water....and because I'm the district leader I just volunteered
as tribute. And man alive was that water cold. I just threw on a jump
suit and went for it. It was almost as if I was swimming again! But I
was also really really cold 😂 but now we have a really funny story to
go with our baptism!
We saw Dory but she's pretty much in the same now it's back to grinding and trying to get people to

They pranked the Sisters!

Them just being them!

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