Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Hey there everyone! So this week was a pretty busy week. We had a good
amount of lessons and knocked doors a ton which was fun since we were
just walking in the sun and knocking doors. Plus we got in with a
couple people so we will see if that goes anywhere. So far nobody
super solid though. This past week we focused a lot on the
investigators that really listen to us and some less actives who we
can help. As for some highlights, we finally got a lesson again with
Victor! The guy who's been investigating the church for like 10 years.
We also have been talking to this other investigator who's son and
wife are members about how his son can get the aaronic priesthood and
what that could mean for the family so we are hoping that'll happen.
But they almost never come to church so it's gonna take work still. We
also went to Dory again this past week and she seemed like she was
struggling with something
pretty badly so we talked about tests and trials and invited her to
church again...but sadly she doesn't have a car so we have to get
members to take her and that's the most ridiculous chore. So she
didn't get to come. We also found someone who seemed pretty solid
Monday night and he told us to come back on Sunday so we went by again
last night and he wasn't home. Nor did he answer his phone. So that's
how second lessons usually go 😂 but it's all good! One pretty funny
thing that happened was on Saturday, when elder Parkinson and I were
knocking we saw these Hispanic guys doing some yard work thinking that
it was their house but apparently they were actually working...and so
the owner of the house came out and wasn't too happy. So we got yelled
at for do I service and I thought it was pretty funny...and then to
make things even better I even thought of just telling the guy I don't
speak English and putting it all on Parkinson. Shoulda, woulda, coulda

So since yesterday was 9/11 and I'm in New York I thought I'd just
talk a little about that. I know I did last year too but I mean hey,
who really remembers that? I mean congrats to anyone who even made it
this far in reading. I appreciate it! Anyways, I'm not in the city
anymore but luckily I was still able to very faintly see the light thy
shoot up and that's always way cool to see. But how awesome is it that
we have the knowledge that this life isn't it. To the ones who passed
on that tragic day and everyone since, we will be with them again.
Elder Parkinson and I were even talking about how interesting it is
that those who don't believe in God tend to not be as optimistic at
times. At least that's what we have seen from the people we talk to.
But that's okay because God still loves them. And they're still our
brothers and sisters! So that about does it this week! Hope you're all
doing well!! And like I said, I'm not in the city so you can enjoy
this little throwback to last year! And some other pictures
1) 9/11 last year
2) cool sunset last night
3) Parkisnon and I
4) Parkinson threw pudding at me...
5) Crazy nice house we knocked...definitely white people
6) Another cool sunset

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