Tuesday, November 8, 2016

October 24, 2016

No mass email from Tyler again this week. Here is what he sent me about his week.
 As for the week, we ended up dropping our investigator Derek because he's not interested and I think we are done focusing on Jorge Ponte. He's the one with the son who we are trying to help get the priesthood for....Jorge basically said he doesn't care about religion whatsoever anymore so we were just like alrighty then. Dory still
wasn't able to come to church but Maycol got the gift of the Holy Ghost which is good! We provided some service this week, we were cutting down these trees for these goats to eat because they were basically in these people's
backyard and the trees aren't needed there. Here are the pictures and videos he sent this week. The pictures are of his District taken in a park. And he got a haircut and his new glasses arrived! Warning: One video is very graphic!!!

Very Graphic!!

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