Tuesday, November 8, 2016


So my week has been super good! And I'm.....in Queens!!! I'm serving in Rego Park Queens. Oh and even crazier stuff....I'm with Elder Honey from my MTC group! And Elder Parkinson is my Zone Leader!!  But yeah it's been fun to talk about how things were when we got in the MTC versus how things are now. Although being here reminded me just how much I don't like working in the city...I love living here but the work is 10 times harder. I've met a couple members but yesterday was stake conference so I didn't really get to meet too many. We definitely get fed here though. I haven't had an area that feeds you this much since Brentwood. We even have someone that buys groceries for us! It's not a ton of stuff but I mean it's something haha. I've also been grilling a lot of meat because of that. Steak is my favorite. No pictures or videos this week to share. Tyler has 1 more transfer left and then he comes home! 

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