Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Our pool is kind of dead so we're doing a lot of finding. Pretty much how it always 
is in the city though. We did find one girl though who seems pretty interested! Her 
name is Nicole and we had our second lesson with her last night. Then there's this 
other guy Darwin who we are hoping to meet with today and possibly his girlfriend 
as well! But here's to hoping haha. The ward is super solid too. I'm really excited to 
be here. We do FHE with this one family every Wednesday so I've already gotten 
close with them. As for today, the sisters made a really big cake but other than that 
I'm not really sure. I've been banished from playing basketball because I hurt my 
shoulder...so that's saddening. Oh here's another funny story for ya...this past week 
I kept noticing what looked like cuts on my face and I was like what the heck? It must
be from shaving. But then I got more and more only on my face and I was like what is 
this??? And, well, as much as I didn't want to admit it I had the feeling it was bed 
bugs...which it was. So Friday night we cleaned the whole house real thoroughly and 
I had to sleep on two recliners pushed together.(that sucked) Then Saturday I had to 
set off a gas bomb to get rid of all the bugs, wash my sheets and blankets and
then I bought a whole new pillow because I thought that could have been the problem 
since it was only on my face. And since then, no more bites. So happy birthday me, 
huh? Haha. BUT one super awesome thing that happened was I saw Joaquin!!!! 
He was in queens for some reason with his girlfriend and I was like JOAQUIN!!!! I 
The Sisters made a Birthday cake for Tyler, and homemade frosting! It says, Good Bye Get Well Soon. LOL!

The 3 layered cake!

Pictures celebrating Elder Honey's birthday!

was super happy about that. And that about does it for this week!

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