Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Quick update to me from Tyler:
As for Thursday (Thanksgiving) we have 2 dinner appointments and then we are getting 
together to play some kind of sport. There was talk of a turkey bowl which would be tons 
of fun but the problem is that the sister's wouldn't wanna play...so we are hoping for frisbee 
maybe. Today I'm helping the sisters learn how to really play volleyball so we can play as
district. As for the week, we had some people drop us again so we are trying to find yet 
again. I went on exchanges with Parkinson though since he's my zone leader now
and that was tons of fun! We talked with tons of people on the street too so that was great. 
Then yesterday we had the president interviews and he was just like Parkinson loves you 
as a brother. It's so cool to see. He also said I'm the kind of missionary who falls a lot but
instead of staying down I just put my boots on and climb up that hill. It was a 10 minute 
interview that turned into a 25 minute interview...it was actually really good haha. As for 
something terrible...we are still trying to get rid of the bed bugs. I think I've survived the past 
two nights but I'm still worried. The bites SUCK. But that's pretty much it.

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