Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Another quick update:
This week was definitely better than last week lessons wise but still
pretty rough. I just came into a very dead teaching pool so we're
still trying to do what we can to fix that. And my comp has been here
for a while so at times I'm dragging him and because I hate finding at
times he definitely drags me haha. I'm pretty sure we're dropping
Nicole too. We've tried sending her messages and going by her house
and she's never home. We also taught these two youth (one is a less
active and the other is an investigator) and tried getting them to
mutual. Unfortunately the mom doesn't care enough to come back to
church and neither of those two seem to care about much. It's just
getting really hard to stay motivated here haha. But of course I'm
still pushing. We also got back in contact with this part member
family and it actually does seem that the 20 year old daughter has a
good amount of interest...but of course her boyfriend doesn't so we
will be working with that. And so far we have just been sharing the
Light The World Video and encouraging members to do the stuff everyday. 
That's pretty much it!

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