Saturday, January 7, 2017


12-12-16- (Short update to me only)
I will be staying in the city! Which is what I
wanted honestly. I prefer Brooklyn but Queens will do. I already told
the district leader that no matter what, the night before I leave I'm
going to Brooklyn bridge park for a little bit. I love that place. I
love this place in general really though. Oh and Elder Honey is out so
we will see who I get! As for the week, it was the hardest I've gone
in a while. I really wanted to finish strong here so that's what we
did. We even got more than double the usual amount of lessons we get!
So that was good. Oh! And please send an umbrella and I think I sent
my bottom thermals home by accident....or I lost them in which case I
would like a new pair. I looked through all my bags and just nothing!
It was sad. I was cold. And we got snow yesterday!!!! It stuck to the
ground too! It was a lot of fun. It's all gone now though. That's
about it from me!

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