Saturday, January 7, 2017

New Year

1-3-17 (Update to me)
As for my week, it included a lot of
knocking. We started to just get to the point where we don't really
know how else to find people other than breaking into apartment
buildings and just knocking every door. We had some success from it
too. Nothing too exciting yet but some lessons and contact info. This
week we will see just how interested all those people were haha. And
find some more. As for New Year's Eve, it actually kind of sucked
because I was sick pretty bad with a stomach virus Friday, Saturday and
Sunday. Still a pretty sore throats yesterday and today as well. And
Friday and Saturday it was to the point where I really couldn't go out
and work. So that wasn't fun at all. But I do feel a little better
which is nice! 
-I asked if he was legally breaking into these apartment buildings ;)

Oh we're not going to get arrested because we may be breaking in the buildings, we're bringing people into Christ so I think will be OK. I'm not sick anymore so it's all good. Today we went into the Lego store and I tried to help them find these Batman stickers, but apparently you can't do that after you turn 14. So I just told the guy that I'm mentally 12, but it still didn't work. Yesterday was just a regular day of work (1/2/16) because I guess President thought more people would be home because of the holiday and we found some people so it kind of worked out. So today we're going to go to this science place. I think I have to pay and that's weird to me to be paying to learn and I didn't like going to school for free to learn but I'll be OK. I'll have fun. (This was Tyler talking to Siri and her translating)

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