Sunday, January 22, 2017


Another Update to me
Lessons for us went pretty good. We got referred this guy (Rome Reyes) and we finally got in contact with him
after a couple weeks and now he's on date for baptism! He is the boyfriend of a member and she wanted Elders to teach him because Elders can teach better to her haha. That was funny. And so we talked to him and at the end of it he was like yeah, I'm down to get baptized! So we set it up for January 28th. After I leave of course but that's okay haha. The only problem though is that he's going to a different ward right we have to find out if he
wants to come to our ward or stay in the one he's going to right now. He's going to YSA so he's technically in both wards' boundaries. It also snowed like crazy this past weekend! So it's been a cold past couple of days. I'm excited to get back to a "winter" in California haha. We also found out that Sergio is coming back this week! He told us last week he wouldn't be back until January 25th. He's someone that Elder honey and I found the last week of last transfer. He seemed super legit and then just left for vacation randomly but it sounds like I will be able to teach him now!
And here's the pictures! Including the tag picture. The first two are of the torta I got this past week. My favorite Mexican dish. SO good. Basically just a really good sandwich. And Jarritos is also amazing. It was some pretty cool scenery so I took the tag picture there. Then it's us in the snow. Elder Menden takes mirror selfies in a building when he can find a mirror, so I took a picture of him taking a picture of himself while I take picture of both of us. The last 3 are of how long my hair has gotten...I cut the sides myself
because it's been close to 6 weeks since my last haircut now but I
don't trust myself with the top. But it is super long

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